Fitbit Versa 2 Release Date, Rumors, And News

If you’re in the market for a new smartwatch from Fitbit, you might be looking at the Fitbit Versa or Versa Lite. If you’re looking at either of those, you might be waiting around to see if a new version of the smartwatch is just around the corner, just so that you’re staying on the cusp of technology. The good news is, it sounds like a Versa 2 is indeed going to be launching soon.

Release Date

When will the Fitbit Versa 2 launch. Not before an actual unveiling. A report put out by Tizen Help says that the smartwatch will be unveiled on August 25. Fitbit should have some sort of press release or online unveiling. Pre-orders will obviously open around that time, before the Versa 2 officially goes on sale three weeks later, on September 15.

The Versa Lite Edition was the last major smartwatch from Fitbit, launching as a trimmed down version of the full Versa. It doesn’t support Fitbit Pay, and it has a lot of software features trimmed out of it. On top of that, it only has a single physical button, whereas the full size Versa model comes with three physical buttons on it.

That said, the Versa 2 will follow the Versa Lite, and after the Versa 2 launches, we imagine we’ll probably see a Versa 2 Lite Edition later in the year as well. It should come as a more affordable version as the Versa 2, just like with this year’s model.


As with all smartwatches, the value of being on the cutting edge of technology is highly subjective. Smartwatches on a yearly, rotating schedule don’t have a whole lot of improvements that always justify the full cost of the smartwatch. So if you already have a Versa, a Versa 2 at full price might not be super valuable.

And that’s largely due to new renditions having some of the smallest upgrades. Rumors and reports that are circulating don’t indicate that the Versa 2 is going to have a whole lot of changes.

Right now, it sounds like the primary changes with the Versa 2 are going to be a new, upgraded OLED display, and then integration with Amazon Alexa, which would give it some sort of connectivity with your smart home.

A leaked image, also obtained by Tizen Help, shows the Versa 2 as having capabilities to control smart home devices, answer queries, and more. One of the significant factors to this leak is that means that the Versa 2 would have to come equipped with some sort of microphone. Just to throw another rumor into the fire — that might mean that the Versa 2 would have to come with some sort of on-watch calling abilities, too.

Even if thee Versa 2 didn’t come with its own calling function for attaching to your phone, you would technically still be able to call people, but through the built-in Alexa WiFi-calling function, allegedly, anyway.

Another leak, this time the packaging for the Versa 2, confirms that it will come with an OLED display and 2.5D curved glass. There’s also confirmation of some of the features that we saw on original Versa, such as battery life that will last more than four days. You should get thee same amount of storage space as well — space for up to 300 songs.

The smartwatch should come with Bluetooth headphones support as well.

There are some other features that you can expect the Versa 2 to have. Many of these the Versa already has, except for a couple added exercise modes. Leaks say that there should be more than 18 exercise modes, as well as sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring features. These are all features that the Versa has, though we may see a software upgrade that will give the original Versa those extra exercise modes, so long as they’re not depending on special hardware within the Versa 2 smartwatch.


We haven’t heard a price for the Versa 2 yet, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it launch around the $200 price point, essentially the same price point area as the original Versa.


If rumors are anything to go by, the Versa 2 will have a couple of pretty cool upgrades that make it worth waiting for the smartwatch. However, if you’re already a Versa owner, you may not get a whole lot of value from waiting for and purchasing the Versa 2, though.

However, if you’re not a Fitbit owner already, and you’ve been waiting around to see if a new Versa 2 launches, it’s definitely worth waiting the couple extra weeks to ensure that you have the latest and greatest.

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