Galaxy Watch Vs Fitbit Versa Best Smartwatch in 2024

So you have your smartphone up and going and are loving the apps that are available to you, but you’ve decided you want a little more convenience and functionality in your life.  Looking to further integrate, you’ve decided to find the best smartwatch of 2022 to incorporate and add a lot more value to your mobile technology experience. Like most smartwatch users this year, you’ve found yourself debating between the Galaxy Watch and the FitBit Versa. You’re probably looking at the two and wondering – “what makes one better than another?”. We’re going to dive into these two top smartwatches and see what makes each one special and what makes them unique.

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Galaxy Watch Vs Fitbit Versa


FitBit Versa

FitBit has established a reputation as the best wearable technology to keep track of your health and wellness, and the Versa just reinforces the reason that reputation is bulletproof.  The FitBit Versa features 24/7 heart rate tracking, sleep cycle tracking, a step counter, and a calorie burner. As their competition has caught up to these health features, the Versa has taken it to the next level.  The Versa has 15+ exercise modes to help you track the benefits of your workouts. On the days when you can’t hit the gym, the FitBit Versa incorporates workout video trainers that are customized to your specific health and wellness needs and change over time as your health and stamina improve.  Additionally, no one works out for no reason – we all do it because we have goals. We want to lose weight, feel better, have more energy, and the FitBit Versa can track those goals and help keep us motivated to get those extra steps, do that extra workout to hit our goals.

In a new feature coming soon for the ladies that purchase a Versa, there are plans in place to release a feminine health update that will help track and predict cycles and follow individual patterns and trends.

And because no one wants to work out or run in silence, the FitBit Versa has the storage capacity for 300+ songs directly downloaded that can be synced to many different styles of headphones for easy listening while doing the hard work.  

In addition to the Versa’s health features, it also gives wearers text, call, and calendar alerts and app notifications to help it keep its space in the marketplace.  For those who are taking their overall health seriously this year – there is no better watch than the FitBit Versa.

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Galaxy Watch

Move over apples, it’s time to talk about the oranges.  While the Galaxy Watch has a health & wellness suite that provides many of the same numbers as the FitBit Versa (calories, sleep cycles, & heart rate)  to spend time expounding on that would be an admission that when it comes to those features, the Galaxy doesn’t quite reach that same level of peak fitness measurement.  Where the Galaxy Watch does shine, is in almost every other area of smartwatch utilization.

The Galaxy Watch offers users the ability to respond to text messages, emails, and to make and take phone calls directly on the watch with a speaker and microphone quality that rivals the actual phone.  Most other smartwatches (including the Versa) reroute incoming and outgoing calls to the user’s phone or hands free services while driving. The Galaxy Watch saves the wearer from losing a call while fumbling around in pockets and purses to retrieve their phone in time to answer the call.

Schedules and calendars are made easier on the Galaxy Watch.  At the end of each day, your smartwatch will review your steps walked, your schedule for the next day, and also the weather you can count on to make morning planning a little easier.  

For any smartwatch investment, we also ought to take the durability of the device into account.  Like the Versa and most other smartwatches, the Galaxy Watch allows for water resistance up to 50 meters (around 150 feet), but the Galaxy Watch surpasses the competition in overall durability.  The Galaxy Watch passed several different military-grade tests in things such as falling (up to 4.9 ft), extreme temperatures and altitudes, dust permeation, and vibration damage. An LED screen made with Corning’s patented Gorilla Glass is hyper resistant to scratches and cracks to ensure the safety of your screen.

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The biggest question to answer when trying to define the best smartwatch of 2022 is what you plan to use it for.  The best smartwatch is the one that meets all your needs, not just some of them. While the FitBit Versa is a superior product to many on the market, it is still essentially the best health and wellness tool with some smartwatch features added on.  The Galaxy Watch is designed to assist you in every aspect of your life and while it won’t have the same workout and exercise features of the Versa, its integrated calendars, planners, ability to send and receive calls give it a versatility that the Versa just hasn’t matched yet.

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