Redmi 7A with upgraded camera goes on sale in India next week

The low-budget Redmi 7A hit Chinese shores at the end of May, but now it’s arriving in India with a new action-packed camera next week.

It’s still going to keep that super low price point, but come with a camera that can take some beautiful shots. The Chinese variant had a 13-megapixel unnamed sensor; however, this new variant for India will sport a 12-megapixel Sony IMX486. That’s the same sensor found in many high-end phones.

And don’t fret over the slight drop in megapixel count. This sensor actually performs better than the 13-megpaixel, largely because it has better low-light performance because of a larger pixel size. That said, you’re ultimately going to see sharper images with the India variant.

Other than that, the Redmi 7A features a 5.45-inch display. It has a Snapdragon 439 CPU backed by 2GB RAM, and up to 32GB internal storage. It’s got a 4,000mAh battery, too.

When it launches next week, prices will sit at 5799 rupees, but will go up at some point in August to 5999 rupees.

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