FedEx Turns Down Delivery of Huawei Phone from the UK to the U.S.

Huawei is clearly not having a great time in the market. Just as the company gets a handle on its Android update schedule, the company has found itself in fresh controversy owing to the U.S. – China trade dispute. A UK based writer for PC Mag sent the Huawei P30 Pro to their American office in New York. However, it was found that the parcel was returned back to the UK as soon as it arrived at Indianapolis, while it was originally headed to New York. The courier company has clarified the return by citing the “government issue” between the U.S. and Huawei.

The rest has been detailed by the writer in a tweet as you can see below.

It is further mentioned that this was a used P30 Pro and the publication decided to share it with their American offices for a fresh review. The parcel was sent via ParcelForce, which upon landing in the U.S. handed over delivery duties to FedEx and subsequently this happened. FedEx has been under flak recently for diverting some Huawei packages containing non-electronic contents. This is surprising considering that the ban on Huawei only pertains to the use of American technology and not to the direct sale of its offerings.

One of the world’s premier courier company, FedEx, cannot afford to lose customers around the world. It has been reported that China was investigating the company over accusations of intentionally sabotaging their packages destined to the U.S. FedEx has claimed that the rerouting occurred due to an “error”.

Source: @saschasegan

Via: PC Mag

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