Huawei considering using Russia’s Avrora OS for its devices

Huawei could be considering using Russia’s in-house Avrora operating system for its devices, should the US blacklist on its devices go through, a new report says.

Previously, Huawei has been looking at its own in-house operating system, Oak OS. The company has been reportedly trying to speed up development, and supposedly, it looks a lot like iOS.

By considering Russia’s Avrora OS, an operating system essentially ready to go — aside from tweaks needed for Huawei phones — that would give Huawei something concrete to fall back on. However, Avrora OS would be a strange choice.

It’s essentially Sailfish OS. It’s being worked on by Jolla, and it has very poor support for Android apps. That said, it would be a strange choice to follow through with, should Huawei plan on keeping its guarantees in place.

But, at the same time, Huawei has been strengthening its partnerships with Russia, so it’s also not very far-fetched.

source: Reuters

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