American tech companies could soon face trouble in China

The United States put a handful of companies on an “entity list”, because of allegations of national security concerns, thus all of the problems Huawei is facing. But now, China could respond with its own “entity list” as the latest development in this “trade war.”

This latest development comes by way of Global Times, and implies that there could be trouble for American tech companies selling in China, possibly similar to how Huawei is spiraling out of control in the US.

Spokesman for China’s commerce department Gao Feng had this to say:

“Foreign enterprises, organizations, or individuals that do not comply with market rules, deviate from a contract’s spirit, or impose blockades or stop supplies to Chinese enterprises for non-commercial purposes, and seriously damage the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises, will be included on a list of ‘unreliable entities.’”

As you can see, China hasn’t called out the US or US entities specifically; however, you can see how the broad language would likely apply to US companies.

source: Global Times
via: TechCrunch

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