FedEx won’t deliver Huawei phones in the US

It looks like FedEx might be taking caution to a whole new level by refusing to deliver Huawei phones.

A PC Mag employee from the United Kingdom sent a Huawei P30 to a colleague in the United States. It was sent via FedEx, and the manufacturer and phone’s model number was included in the custom details.

FedEx then returned the package to the sender with the following message:

“Parcel returned by FedEx, due U.S. government issue with Huawei and China government”

This might be a little too cautious, considering that this was a private, person-to-person shipment. It wasn’t a manufacturer- or retailer-to-person shipment.
That said, we’re not sure what this means for FedEx as a whole, but from a situation like this, it would appear like the shipping company isn’t delivering the Huawei phones that it can identify.
The trade dispute between the US and China essentially says that US businesses are forbidden from doing business with Huawei and other Chinese-based businesses placed on the Entity List. However, the US gave Huawei a 90-day relieve, which isn’t up until August. That said, this is very…proactive in FedEx’s case.
This is a weird new turn in the Trade War between the US and China, that’s for certain.
source: PC Mag

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