5 Best Car Holder Mounts For Huawei P30

Car holder mounts are an important phone accessory to keep in your car. It’s never good to have your eyes off the road while driving, and so, a car holder is a good solution to that. You set it up — either on your windshield, dash, or air vent — mount your phone inside it, and you still have access to GPS and phone calls while driving, and while still seeing what’s in front of you.

Not sure what car holder mount to pick up for the Huawei P30? Follow along below, and we’ll show you five of our favorite choices for the phone.

Airframe Wireless Charger

The Airframe Wireless Charger come sup as our number one choice on our list. This one is a wireless charger and car phone holder at the same time. It mounts up on your air vents, and securely holds your phone in place. Once you set your phone in the mount, if the phone supports Qi wireless charging, the phone starts charging automatically as well.

For the Huawei P30, you’ll need to make sure you have Huawei’s P30 Charging Case to make that happen.

It’s fast wireless charging, too. Most phones charge at a rate of 10 watts, but the Samsung and iPhone are limited to just 9 watts and 7.5 watts, respectively.

Full Adjustable Case-Friendly Mount

Finding a car holder mount that is case friendly is often difficult. That’s why we like this option from Encased. Even if you have an Otterbox Defender on your phone, the clasp is able to adjust to the size or thickness of your device. It’s versatile in that it can be attached either to the dashboard, or the windshield — it’s up to your preference. This mount grips your phone securely for vertical or horizontal display, and you can easily remove your phone from it because it’s designed to be used with just one hand.

WuteKu Magnetic Holder

Say goodbye to adjustable holders without first Magnetic Holder by WuteKu. This one is built like many magnetic holders on the market — it’s literally just a ball with a magnetic plate on one end, and a mount on the opposite side, which is covered in a secure adhesive to attach the magnetic ball to your dash. The adhesive is extremely sticky, unfortunately. However, if you ever peel the mount off your dash, WuteKu says it should not leave a residue.

Exshow Dash Mount

Exshow’s Dash Mount is in third place, . This is another great option for securing your Huawei P30 during a long drive, even over rough terrain. It’s also unique from all of our other choices, because the arm is a made of a flexible, yet sturdy rubber material so you can mold it into just about any shape for the most comfortable viewing direction.

That said, you can also choose to mount on your dash or windshield, and is completely adjustable at 360 degrees. It even comes with one-hand use, with a single button release for when you need to snag your phone.

FitFort Magnetic Holder

In fourth, we’re looking at the FitFort Magnetic Holder — yet another magnetic option, but one that we’d pit as possibly a step above the WuteKu in terms of design. It’s convenient, yet completely secure, even on bumpy roads. There’s very little bulk here, keeping things looking fairly low profile.

The setup, however, is pretty similar — the FitFort holder is a little round ball with a magnetic plate on top where you’ll attach your phone. After installing the ball part to your dashboard, you’ll take one of the magnetic adhesive sticker plates and stick it on to your phone.

TechMatte MagGrip

It might be last up on our countdown, but it’s certainly not the least. This one is the TechMatte MagGrip, and it’s yet another magnetic car holder mount. It’s not entirely like the others though, but is unique in that it grips to your air conditioning vents instead of sticking to your dash. It’s able to hold phones to the mount via magnets, which means this mount won’t work with phones that have a plastic body, but you should be fine for the Huawei P30.

These magnets aren’t going to harm your phone either.


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent car holder mounts for the Huawei P30. Our favorite is the Airframe Wireless charger, because not only is it a car phone holder, but it charges your phone a the same time! The magnetic choices are nice as well, keeping your dashboard free from any adhesives or screws.

What’s your favorite car phone holder for the Huawei P30?