Facebook suspends app pre-installs in another strike against Huawei

After being placed on the US ‘Entity List’, Huawei just hasn’t been able to catch a break. It’s been one problem after another for the company, and now, the latest is that Facebook is suspending app pre-installs.

All that means is that apps by Facebook aren’t going to be already installed on the phone right out of the box. Normally, you would see apps like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp pre-installed, but new phones will no longer have that, at least not until Huawei ends up off of the Entity list.

There has been some major confusion around that announcement from Facebook, with many consumers thinking that they won’t even be able to download those apps.

That’s why, today, Huawei had to release a statement, reassuring its users that they will still be able to download apps like Facebook, Instragram, and WhatsApp to use on their Huawei and Honor phones.

Here’s the official word, from Huawei’s UK Twitter account:

“Dear HUAWEI Community, we want to clarify the current situation on apps. For all devices that have been sold, are currently being sold or in stock, apps like Facebook, WhatsApp or Instagram can be used or downloaded as normal.”

Huawei was confident that they would be able to withstand any hurdles the US would throw at them; however, even international consumers are questioning purchasing Huawei and Honor devices after the ban.

The Chinese-based smartphone manufacturer will certainly have to figure something out, since Huawei and Honor phones will only have access to the Play Store in its current state until August 19, when the US’ 90-day relief for Huawei ends.

source: Reuters