Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp Are Currently Down [Updated]

Update: Facebook has confirmed the restoration of normal services for all three apps, so things should be back up now.

If you’re facing trouble trying to connect Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or even WhatsApp, it’s because all four apps are currently down. Facebook has acknowledged the outage and has promised a fix soon. This affects millions of customers across the world, and appears to be happening on a global scale. It is said that images are currently having issues uploading over these social networking sites, while some Facebook users are unable to login or refresh their news feed.

It’s no surprise, then, that DownDetector is currently listing all four apps as down. With reports coming out of Asia, Europe as well as North America, this doesn’t appear to be a limited issue. However, with word spreading quickly, customers are using sites like Twitter to voice their concerns as well as frustrations.

This is not the first time either of the four services have been temporarily down. Thankfully for Facebook, incidents like these are few and far between. It’s quite ironic, however, that Facebook had to confirm the outage on rival social networking platform Twitter. Facebook hasn’t given out details on what’s causing this outage, although we expect to learn more over the coming hours.

Are you experiencing issues with any of the apps? Let us know.

Source: @facebook

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