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This post demonstrates the standard process of removing unwanted network profiles from the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Here’s how to delete saved Wi-Fi networks from the Note 20’s Wi-Fi directory.

When to Delete Wi-Fi Networks?

Every time you connect to a new Wi-Fi network, it will be added and saved in a list of network profiles or SSIDs on your device. Although saving wireless networks isn’t actually vetoed, there’s a tendency for any of the saved networks to inflict network-related issues at any time, especially when the list becomes quite large and any of the saved networks got corrupted. 

To prevent all these from transpiring, deleting unused Wi-Fi networks or network profiles is recommended.

If you’re wondering how to get this done on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20, I’ve mapped out a step by step demo that you can use as personal reference.

Here’s how to delete a wireless network profiled on the Galaxy Note 20. 

Easy Steps to Delete Saved Wi-Fi Networks from the Galaxy Note 20

Just repeat the same steps to delete other Wi-Fi networks that you no longer use.

Cannot Delete Wi-Fi Network?

If for some reason you’re unable to delete the network, restart your phone and then go back to the Wi-Fi profile directory to retry network deletion. Problems like this may be triggered by some minor system glitches that are often rectified by a soft reset. 

If that doesn’t help, then performing a network settings reset can be deemed an alternative trick. Doing so will clear out all current network customizations including Wi-Fi settings, saved networks, APNs and other relevant information. It doesn’t affect any saved information on the phone so there’s no need to worry about ending up losing some important data.

Hope this helps!

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Hope this helps!

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