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Call of Duty Warzone is a first-person shooter game and one of the most famous game series from Activision. Although a successful video game, COD Warzone is still not immune to errors, glitches and bugs as what some fanatics of the game are complaining about. In this article, we will tackle and provide solutions for COD Warzone Dev Error 6558.

What are the causes of Dev Error 5668?

Call of Duty Warzone Dev errors are usually commonly encountered by players of the game. These error codes appear when there is a problem with the game server, an update that needs to be installed or just temporary glitches that disappear on its own. With Dev Error 6558, there is no specific information from the developers on what triggers this error but here’s the possible causes below.

Corrupted game file.

A file gets corrupted when a game is not saved completely or when there is an error during saving. This can also happen when there is an update installed on a game. Ensure to update your game file to fix this problem.

Software not up-to-date.

Outdated game software is the common reason for Dev errors in Call of Duty Warfare. So it is highly recommended to check any updates from time to time.

Temporary glitches and bugs.

Bugs and glitches tend to develop in a game once a while where the creators provide patches and updates to fix these known errors.

Connectivity issue.

Network connection is essential to get the game working properly. The game requires a strong and stable internet connection for the game to launch and function as it should.

Game Server downtime.

Sometimes outages or server downtime happens and can trigger errors when launching a game. Its best to visit the COD Warfare website for any reported outages for you to be guided.

How to Fix Call of Duty Warzone Dev Error 5668

To enjoy playing and fix Dev Error 5668 in Call of Duty Warzone, you can try some of these solutions that were effective to some users. 

  1. Reboot your modem.

    Restart the modem by unplugging the power cord for at least 10 seconds to refresh the communication of all devices connected. This can help internet connectivity issues such as lagging, slow speed, and other common problems.router 2

  2. Repair corrupted files or find missing game files.

    Replace corrupted or damaged game files by using the Blizzard app. This process will help identify the files that are corrupted or missing and replace them. Below are the easy steps that you need to follow.
    -Open the Blizzard application.
    F-ind and select the Call of Duty Warfare icon. 
    -Select Options drop-down below its title after the game page opens.
    -Select Scan and Repair from the menu.
    -Select Begin Scan
    The scanning process will begin and after the files that are corrupted or missing were identified, it will redownload again. Once the process is complete, you can relaunch the game again.scan and repair

  3. Adjust the Graphics Settings.

    This solution seems to be efficient in resolving the error for some players who encountered Dev Errors in Call of Duty Warzone. All you need to do is just disable the cache spot and cache sun shadows in the Graphics Settings.
    -Open the Call of Duty Warzone application.
    -Select Options.
    -Select Graphics Tab.
    -Scroll down and select Cache Spot.
    -Disable Cache Spot.
    -Scroll down to find Cache Sun Shadows.
    -Disable Cache Sun Shadows.Cache Sun shadows

We laid out most of the solutions that some users find effective to resolve the Warzone Dev Error 6558 they have encountered. However, please note that these solutions are not official steps as these are not provided by the developers of Call of Duty Warzone. We hope though that this will help with the problem you are facing. 

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