How To Fix NBA 2K21 4b538e50 Error | Can’t Connect To Server

Some Playstation users have received a message with an error code NBA 2K21 4b538e50 while accessing the game. This problem can be caused by a number of factors which will be discussed in this article. If you happen to have this error right now,  you don’t need to worry as we will map out some effective troubleshooting steps to resolve this issue.

What are the causes for NBA 2K21 4b538e50 error?

NBA 2K21 4b538e50 message is a common error that some players may have encountered with the previous version of the famous game. There are a number of factors why an error like this occurs in a game such as a game server issue, software not updated,file game or even an internet connection.

Internet connectivity problem.

Playing games online especially like NBA 2K21 requires a stable internet connection to prevent any interruption or lagging issue. In case the playstation is connected through wifi, the speed should be able to cater the requirement for the game.

NBA 2K21 application outdated.

Errors are usually encountered and will not function well when an application is not updated. You need to ensure that any updates available for the NBA 2K21 game should be downloaded to avoid this type of issue.

Game file is corrupted.

Corrupted game files can also be the cause of NBA 2K21 4b538e50 error. Ensure to save the game properly before closing the application.

Too many NBA 2K accounts created for one console.

Sony allows a maximum of 5 accounts created on a single Playstation console. If accounts created exceed the limit, a restriction will be given in your NBA 2K accounts. The first five will be the only accounts that will work in your console and can access the game online.

How to fix NBA 2K21 4b538e50 error

Any game can encounter errors and NBA 2K21 no matter how developers tried to create a polish game is not an exemption. Most errors are fixable unless it’s a hardware issue. We have selected some solutions that are effective to resolve this specific error code. Feel free to follow the steps below.

  1. Install any available updates for the game.

    Check and ensure that your game data is current on your console. Normally, updates for a game are automatically downloaded but there are also instances that the update will fail. Scan for any updates in your console to make the necessary changes.

  2. Restart your modem.

    The internet connection must be checked to ensure that the speed meets the requirement in playing online. If the speed is below 5 mbps and way below the plan that you are signing up for, try to restart the modem by unplugging the power cord for at least 10 seconds to refresh the connection. You can also connect the playstation directly to modem to get a better and stable connection to enjoy the game online.power cycle router

  3. Reboot the console or PC.

    If you have already restarted the modem and the error still exists, we suggest that you reboot the game console to refresh the communication with the game server. To do that, just turn the PC or console off normally then unplug it from the power outlet for 30 seconds. Afterwards, turn everything back on and see if the problem goes away.

  4. NBA 2K server issue.

    When you have confirmed that updates were fully installed and internet connection is stable, check for any known outages in the NBA 2K website. There might be a server problem that they are trying to resolve or maintenance on the server. If it is a known outage, then we can’t do anything but wait for them to fix the problem.NBA 2K21 server status

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