How To Fix Marvel’s Avengers Stuck On Loading Screen Issue | PS4

Some Marvel’s Avengers players have been reporting to us that they are sometimes stuck in an endless Loading screen, effectively making the campaign unplayable. If you are experiencing this problem and your campaign progress has been stopped because of this, check out the solutions below.

What are the reasons for Marvel’s Avengers Stuck On Loading Screen Issue

If you can’t continue with the game’s campaign as it’s stuck on an infinite loading screen, there can be two possible reasons for that.

Game bug.

Not all players of Marvel’s Avengers experience this problem and there seems to be no clear pattern when this bug is triggered. For many, this is probably just a glitch that comes and goes because even the developer, Crystal Dynamics, does not have a clear answer.

Corrupted saved game.

For many players with this problem, the most likely reason is corrupted game files. Either the previously saved game has been corrupted, or the game files themselves have been damaged. You’ll know if you have a corrupted game file or saved game if Avengers will work normally if you load an older saved game. 

How to fix Marvel’s Avengers stuck on loading screen issue

We’ve come up with a number of possible solutions that you can do if Marvel’s Avengers is stuck on an infinite loading screen.We can’t guarantee that one or all of these solutions will work but some players have found some of them helpful.

  1. Check for game updates.

    Before you proceed with your troubleshooting steps, make sure that Marvel’s Avengers is fully updated. This is an important first step to prevent future glitches as well as fix known bugs at this time.

  2. Load the campaign via War Table.

    Instead of loading your campaign the normal way, a workaround has been found to be effective in fixing this issue. To do this, you can access the campaign by going to the War Table in Initiative.Keep in mind that accessing the campaign via Initiative may not be an ideal option for you as it can present some spoilers.War Table

  3. Use a friend strike team invite.

    Another possible solution that doesn’t contain spoilers is by using a strike team invite. To do this, you want to ask your friend to send you the invite before you run the Avengers game. Once the game loads you’re connected to the game servers, you can then leave the strike team and load the campaign.Strike Team

What to do if Marvel’s Avengers is still stuck on the loading screen?

Should none of the solutions in this guide work, all you have to do is wait for a new update or contact the customer support team by creating a troubleshooting ticket. This means that you may have to wait until the next update arrives, which, hopefully, may contain the permanent fix for this problem.

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