5 Best Robocall Blocker App For Android

There is no denying that spammy, marketing, and malicious calls are a serious annoyance. Whether they are calling us to promote their products or trying to scam you, there are times when these calls cost you time and money. In some cases, these calls also compromise your personal data and even lead to serious data breaches.

  • Truecaller: Best Free App
  • Hiya- Caller ID and Block: Highly rated Robocall Blocker
  • Call Blacklist- Call Blocker: Best App for Blocking Calls and Texts
  • Should I Answer?: Robocall Blocker App that works Offline
  • Mr. Number: Block Calls and Spam

Changing the phone number is not a permanent solution as the calls might come to the new number as well. Fortunately, there are apps in the Android Play Store that helps you to block suspicious calls and keep you safe at all times.

In this article, we have listed the 5 best robocall blockers for Android to block the unknown calls. Read here.

Best Robocall Blocker App for Android

best robocall blocker app

1) Truecaller

When it comes to robocall blocker app, Truecaller simply tops the list. Featuring a rich feature set and an easy to use interface, this app comes with both manual and automatic call blocking. Not only, it blocks the calls or messages, but it also allows you to check the name of the persons who are trying to call you under the history tab.

Moreover, you can also create a backup of your contacts, history, and the blocklist in Google Drive. Its other useful features also include smart caller ID, support for both the dual SIM numbers and a community maintained the database.

The best part about choosing this app is that it also gives you an option to block all the spammers that are in the app itself.

Download it now: here

best robocall blocker app

2) Hiya- Caller ID and Block

Hiya is another robocall blocker app from Android that blocks unwanted calls, messages, and blacklists the contacts, as per your specifications. It also comes with the ability to perform reverse research on the number that lets you find, if the call is fraud or legitimate.

You can also leverage the automatic alerts feature to warn you if an incoming call is unwanted or spam. It also identifies the unknown callers in real-time also looks for the unknown text messages, if they are from someone who is not in your contact list.

Not just it blocks the number for you but also finds the number for you. For example, you can easily find the business that you want to call through the Hiya Business Search.

The app is free, has no ads, and also offers you in-app purchases. Further, it also lets you make calls from within the app.

Download it now: here

best robocall blocker app

3) Call Blacklist- Call Blocker

Call Blacklist is one of the best robocall blocker apps that let you block both spam calls and SMSs.

Whether you are receiving a call from a private number, a hidden contact, or a number that is not available in your contacts, this app allows you to block every call. It also lets you block the calls of a specific range using a modifier that may even stop robocallers from calling you.

With this call blocker app, you can save a log, activate notifications, and schedule call blocking. You can even turn off/on the blacklist according to your needs.

The app can also be password controlled and can be used as you require it.

At last, this app is free and does not take much of storage on your device.

Download it now: here

best robocall blocker app

4) Should I Answer?

Should I Answer is a free robocall blocker for an app that protects you against unknown, unwanted, and unsolicited calls. This app lets you block calls from foreign, unknown, unwanted, and negative rated numbers. It also blocks the numbers that are in your private contact list or which are simply not available in the contact list.

However, Should I Answer does not work as a traditional blocker as it also shows you a rating of each number as you receive the call.

You can even write a review for each number that calls you. It also lets you decide which information you want to submit to the database and which not. One feature that we liked best is that this app works in ‘offline mode’ as well.

In case, if you have Android version 6 or higher, you can download the latest version of the app with the full dialer functionality, and a simpler user interface from here.

Download it now: here

best robocall blocker app

5) Mr. Number – Block Calls and Spam

If you are looking for an app that can block unwanted calls or identify the scam and stop it, look no further than Mr. Number.

This app blocks the calls from telemarketers, one person, and works for an entire country code as well.  It even intercepts the call from the private numbers and sends them to voicemail. The best feature of this app is that it comes with an ‘Automatic Caller Lookup’ for the recent call in the phone’s history so that you know whose call you need to block. It also blocks the potential fraud and spam calls automatically.

You can browse the comments from other users on the number that is trying to bug you with the unnecessary calls. Mr. Number also blocks the alert messages, which might even come as dangerous for your personal data, and more.

This app comes with an easy configuration and offers you complete protection from the spammy calls and messages.

Download it now: here

The Final Words on the Best Robocall Blocker App For Android

Some Android phone comes with the built-in call blocking features, while some don’t. If you are an Android smartphone owner, the above listed third-party robocall blocker app is sure to help.

These apps for Android help you recognize the unknown numbers and also let you block them. We have picked the 5 best apps that are effective, trustworthy, and will also help you to keep yourself safe. Moreover, these apps will also not affect the overall performance of your device.

Skim through the list of Robocall Blocker App and choose the one that meets your needs the best.