5 Best Monster Truck Coloring Page On Android

The deafening roar, the smoke filled mufflers, the satisfying crunch of a powerful machine crushing lesser glass and metal, the roar of the crowd are all so satisfying when you go to a monster truck rally.  But what do you do when you come home? Where is there an outlet for that adrenaline filled, jaw dropping action that your wife won’t complain about. How about some coloring pages that still let your eyes feast on those metallic beauties, but keep the noise at bay.  Here are some great coloring apps for monster truck enthusiasts to keep them happy in between visits to the dome of your choice.

Monster Truck Coloring Book

This monster truck coloring app was created with small children in mind for ease of use.  But it is still fun and filled with great pictures and options that even an adult would enjoy.  The color choices come looking like colored pencils and encourage kids to learn what colors are.  It is a fun, free, family game that helps to increase your creativity. Children can paint the same car multiple ways to see what range of diversity in colors can do for a vehicle.  Best yet, this coloring book focuses exclusively on Monster Trucks. So after your child has attended the eardrum breaking rally and been filled with the adrenaline of car smashing and fast jumping monster trucks, they can turn their excitement to a quieter endeavor at home.

Download it now: Google Play

Vehicles Coloring Book by BKG Studio

This over 50 coloring pages, this app can keep your child happy for a quite a while.  While this app doesn’t focus exclusively on monster trucks there are some great truck pictures to color.  But your child can also explore the world of vehicles with SUVs, racing cars, fire engines, bulldozers, tractors, ambulances and motorcycles.  There are multiple great colors to choose from as well as ease of use in coloring and erasing those mistakes. A camera button allows your child or yourself to save these great works of art.

Download it now: Google Play

Monster Trucks Game for Kids 2

This app has great monster truck coloring pages, but it also has several other monster truck options to keep your young enthusiast happy.  In this app, they can drive thier monster truck on a course with controls so simple that a 2 year old can play. The game keeps the child’s car upright so that they are sure to reach the finish line every time.  They can practice jumping their truck, beep the horn and change the music on the radio. Just like the monster truck rally, they can crush cars along the course and celebrate their success with fireworks and balloon popping.  There are 3 other mini games that your child can play as well. There is balloon popping as a game, a monster truck memory game and several monster truck puzzles for your child to figure out. Filled with such great activities the coloring pages are just the cherry on top.  But they have plenty of coloring options and great pictures to color.

Download it now: Google Play

My Car Coloring Book by YOYPO

This is the car coloring page for the car enthusiast.  There are many new and old model cars. This app allows you to color the cars by blocks.  It can also be painted by a sensed brush. Deleting mistakes are easy either way. There are also shortcuts for coloring if you want.  You can create blocks of color to easily color whole swaths of the car or the entire car in one click if you wanted. With a color wheel at your disposal, there are unlimited shades and hues of color that you can use.

There is easy zoom features as well to help you get in to color even the smallest details. Once you are finished you can easily save and share your pictures with your friends.

Download it now: Google Play

American Cars Coloring Book

This is a drawing and coloring app focused on American Cars, trucks and vintage vehicles.  There are multiple cars to color and then pages for you to draw your own cars and trucks on.  The trucks are beautifully drawn to engage males from 3 to 100. There are multiple color palettes to choose from and auto fill options.  Drawing skills are not required, but the option is available.

Download it now: Google Play


You might not think of monster truck and coloring book in the same sentence, but there are plenty of quiet options out there for lovers of all things metal, shiny and ready to loudly crush their opposition.  So if you are looking for something for your child to enjoy or you want some relaxation time yourself as you sit in your lazy boy after work, these apps offer great options.

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