5 Best Caller ID App For Pixel 3 XL

Tired of being surprised by those unknown numbers that try to reach you? Then it might be time to download a Caller ID app for your Pixel 3 XL. Download one of these, and the Caller ID app will give you a name and location of the person trying to call you, even if they aren’t in your address book.

Not sure what Caller ID app to use? Here are five of the best currently available.


Hiya is one of our favorite ways to identify unknown phone numbers. They have a pretty massive database, so getting information on unknown callers won’t be a problem. It should have no issue at least pulling a name and location for you. Hiya also supports spam alerts, which means it can notify you when the number calling you has been pegged as a spam number. Did a spam number get through to you? Report it, and it’ll be added to Hiya’s spam number database, and will notify any other Hiya users when that number tries to call others.

One of Hiya’s best selling points is that it’s not only free, but it isn’t plagued with advertisements either. That makes the app extremely easy to use.

Download it now: Google Play


Truecaller comes in as next up on our list. It’s actually one of the best Caller ID applications currently on the market, which has a lot to deal with its massive database. There are actually over 250 million phone numbers it’s able to recognize, and more are being added everyday. On top of that, Truecaller has a robust anti-spam system, helping keep spam callers and telemarketers at bay.  If a telemarketer or spam callers gets through, you can easily hang up on them, send the number to the Truecaller “spam database,” and blacklist the number.

You can actually blacklist any number you want with Truecaller, not just spam numbers. Got an annoying friend that won’t stop calling you? Blacklist their number with Truecaller. This Caller ID app can actually do a lot more than just that though — you can record phone calls, use it as a mobile payment systems, and even use its “Bill Pay” functionality.

Download it now: Google Play


We really like Showcaller because it’s similar to Truecaller in a lot of ways. With a large database of phone numbers, it should have no problem identifying almost any phone number that’s trying to reach you, even if it’s from a landline. Showcaller is actually one of the few apps that doesn’t take up much space — the app is less than 4MB in size.

Showcaller is pretty good at keeping spam calls at bay. If a spam number tries to reach you, Showcaller will notify you about it, giving you the option to deny the call and block the number. If a spam numbers gets through to you, you can report it and it will be added to the “spam number” database. On top of that, Showcaller allows you to easily blacklist numbers that you don’t want calling you anymore.

Download it now: Google Play


Supercaller is next up on our list. As you might imagine, being a Caller ID application, it’s able to very easily identify unknown numbers. It has a decent-size database of phone numbers, though not nearly as large as Truecaller. The numbers that it can identify should be able to give you information on both names and locations. Supercaller should also have no trouble helping you identify spam callers and telemarketers. If a spammer or telemarketers gets through, you can easily report that to Supercaller and it’ll be another number added to their “spam” database.

Download it now: Google Play


WhosCall comes in as last up on our list, but is a great no-frills Caller ID app. This one is an extremely popular Caller ID application, reporting over ten million installs. Just like any other Caller ID app, it’s able to easily identify unknown callers, giving you a name and hopefully location. Not only that, but WhosCall lets you trace unknown numbers — you don’t have to wait for a number to call you. WhosCall shouldn’t have a problem identifying and tracing landlines or mobile numbers.

As you can imagine, you can blacklist phone numbers with WhosCall, and even have the ability to block spam numbers.

Download it now: Google Play


If you want to stop being surprised when you answer the phone to an unknown number, one of these Caller ID apps is without a doubt the way to go. You’ll have good luck with any of them, but you might want to consider Truecaller, Hiya, or Showcaller, as they have some of the largest phone number databases here, increasing the chance that they’ll be able to identify a number calling.

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