5 Best Kitchen Design Apps For Android

The kitchen is an integral part of every home, which is why the best kitchen design app becomes very helpful in the design process. It’s where you make your coffee, have your oven, cook your favorite dishes and more. However, most of us are stuck with the kitchen that we already have. Seldom do we take the onus of designing our kitchen ourselves. Well, if you’re not too satisfied with the kitchen you have, and if you want to redecorate the entire kitchen setup, you no longer have to seek expert advise as there are a number of apps out there that let you put objects in a virtual kitchen to help you better understand how a particular change or addition will look.

We’re going to discuss five such apps with the hope to help you design your own kitchen without any outside help. So let’s have a look.

Best Kitchen Design Apps For Android

best kitchen design app

1) Houzz Interior Design

This app doubles as an online marketplace while also offering ample information on design ideas. There are several sample homes here for design inspirations. The app has a sketch feature that lets you add annotations and make changes over existing home photos. The app also allows users to try out furniture in their homes using a virtual tool. Moreover, if there is something that you like here, you can order it directly from the app. This way, you will know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

You can also get design inspirations for your bedroom or living room using this nifty app. Houzz also has a large array of home improvement professionals (architects, interior decorators, etc), who will help you get a more personalized design idea. Given that you can browse from over 10 million products on the app, we think this is one of the best kitchen design apps on Android right now. The best kitchen design app is free to download and use although there are ads on board.

Download it now: here

best kitchen design app

2) Home Design 3D

One of the best apps out there for design and ease of use, Home Design 3D is an app that can turn you into an architect in no time. It helps you envision the perfect home (or kitchen) for you with just a few taps. The app has a wide range of tools to choose from in order to make your kitchen perfect for you. There is a limitation on the number of floors you can build with the free version, which is where the “Gold” version comes in, giving you access multistory buildings.

The app aims to give control over every aspect of home design to the customers, and we like the effort here. It’s an easy to use app, and barring the in-app purchases and ads, we feel it’s a decent app to have if you’re a budding interior decorator or simply want to redecorate your kitchen.

Once you have a design setup, you can conveniently share it with the outside world using social media or email. Home Design 3D is compatible with devices running Android 4.1 and above.

Download it now: here

3) Homify

This is more of a unified platform that brings together architects and general users, offering up a bunch of home improvement ideas. You can find several ideas from the ever growing members of the homify community, so there’s no dearth of design inspirations you can find here. The app has a feature called ideabook, that lets you save ideas for future reference. It’s pretty handy given that the app might give you plenty of ideas in just a few minutes.

What’s more is that if you like an image listed on the app, you can even get details on the architect of the house or that particular room so that you can get in touch with them and replicate the experience in your home. Pictures and inspirations can be filtered by all-time popular, best, and recently added, so you have a healthy spread of content to pick from. Homify is a community driven app, which perhaps explains why it’s free to download and doesn’t have ads or in-app purchases. The app functions on devices running Android 4.4 and up.

Download it now: here


4) magicplan

This app is better suited for experts and those familiar with floor plans. However, the ease of creating a floor plan with this app is what led me into picking this in our list. You simply have to take a picture of your floor and the app will guide you to make a proper floor plan in a matter of few minutes. While the process of making a floor plan is pretty easy, it’s acquiring them which is slightly tricky. Once you’ve got your floor plan designed, you will be asked to pay a nominal fee (via in-app purchases) in order to download it on your device.

This is a small caveat, and one that can be overlooked given the kind of features it offers. The floor maps can be downloaded in PDF, JPG, 3D, Interactive Web Site, DXF, CVS, PNG, and SVG formats. Each floor plan will set you back by $2.99. Be sure to check it out.

Download it now: here

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5) IKEA Place

Built using ARCore tech inside, IKEA Place is designed for those who want to save the trouble of getting into an IKEA but still want to try out their products at home. The app’s primary function is to act as an app that lets you try out IKEA furniture in your home using a combination of augmented reality and your phone’s rear camera. In order for this app to work, users will have to make sure the room is well lit and free of clutter or glares. Accessing this feature is as easy as tapping the small visual search button located on the left corner of the best kitchen design app.

Since this app comes from IKEA, it can be downloaded for free and is devoid of ads and in-app purchases. It’s a relatively new app, but worth a look if you are looking to get some IKEA products for your kitchen. Since the app uses ARCore features, it is only compatible with devices running Android 7.0 and above.

Download it now: here

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