5 Best Kitchen Design App For Note 9

If your kitchen seems like it’s ready for a makeover, don’t go consulting designers and contractors just yet! You can save yourself a ton of money and time by using a kitchen design app for Note 9. One of these apps will help inspire you, give you creative ideas, and even give you a rough idea of how the project will look when finished. Once you’ve accumulated your ideas, you’ll be more prepared to talk to a contract or designer, or you might even find that it’s a project you want to take on yourself! Follow along below, and we’ll show you the best kitchen design app for Note 9 that you can get started with!


Pinterest comes as first up on our list, as it’s essentially a community-run platform that you can use to gain some inspiration for different projects around the home, including kitchens. Pinterest has hundreds, if not thousands of ideas for different styles of kitchen. Just search “kitchen design” in the Pinterest search bar, and you’ll get ideas for all sorts of styles — rustic, country, urban, minimalist, and so much more!

One of the nice things about Pinterest is that they make it easy to save ideas and inspiration to look back upon later. Come across an idea you like and don’t want to lose? You can “pin” it to your own personal “board” on your profile, keeping it safe so that you never lose the idea. You can always look at it on your board!

Ideas on Pinterest also usually come with material lists and sometimes even instructions on how to take on and complete the project. So if you want to do your kitchen design project yourself, Pinterest is the perfect way to get started!

Download it now: Google Play

Adobe Color Capture

Not sure what color schemes or patterns you want to put in your kitchen? Adobe Color Capture can help. If you come across some inspiration in the real world, you can take a picture of that inspiration with Adobe Color Capture — the app will help you get color codes, compile great looking color schemes, and even create patterns out of photos you take. Adobe Color Capture even has a bunch of typography designs that you can choose from for putting lettering in you kitchen!

Download it now: Google Play

Planner 5D

Planner 5D Is next up on our list — it’s an app that allows you to create your own 2D or 3D environments without the use of an architect. You can use it for whole house projects or smaller renovations like a kitchen remodel. You can create your kitchen space with Planner 5D, and even place different objects in your kitchen, using the thousands of items that Planner 5D has in its own internal catalog — you can place dishwashers, countertops, ovens, and so much more. Get started with Planner 5D below.

Download it now: Google Play


Houzz is a fantastic design application for starting your kitchen renovation dreams. They have thousands of high res items you can choose from in their catalog, allowing you to see how your kitchen will look when it’s finished in a 3D virtual space. You can look at tons of different dishwashers, ovens, countertops, sinks, trash bins, microwaves, and so much more. Once you find something you like, Houzz will allow you to place an item or 3D space in your “Ideakbook.” And then, when you’re ready to pull the trigger, you can either buy these items from Houzz, or Houzz can get you in contact with designers and contractors to start bringing your renovation to life.

Download it now: Google Play

Kitchen Planner 3D

Kitchen Planner 3D is last up on our list, but is a great way to start getting a sort of rough design idea of what you want your new kitchen to look like. With Kitchen Planner 3D, you can plan the size of your kitchen, countertops you want, other appliances, and you can even add colors and textures to your kitchen. Kitchen Planner 3D will even allow you to export your ideas and plans and share it with friends, family, or you could even take it to your contractor or designer!

Download it now: Google Play


As you can see, there are a lot of excellent applications that you can use for putting your new kitchen project ideas together. Do you have a favorite app that you use for small renovation ideas like this? Let us know what it is in the comments section below!

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