5 Best Home Design App For Note 9

There are countless home design app for Note 9, but many of them don’t have the suite of tools or quality that you would expect in a good home design app. That’s why we’ve gone ahead and compiled five of the best options out there that will help you gain inspiration and ideas for your next decorating or renovation project. Follow along below and we’ll show you our top picks!

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Pinterest is first up on our list, and that[‘s because it’s one of the best home design app for Note 9 due to the massive community around it. Home design and interior design are huge topics on Pinterest, with those specific topics of interest having thousands upon thousands of ideas for home design projects. You’ll be able to browse these topics, see ideas that people have already done or are dreaming of themselves. A project or idea you like can be “pinned” to your own “board” on your profile so that you can remember it for later.

Pinterest is an excellent option particularly for DIYers. This is because many of the projects come with material lists and even instructions on how to complete the ideas. That said, you can save costs on a designer or contractor and do many of these projects yourself!

Download it now: Google Play

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Adobe Color Capture

Adobe Color Capture is next up on our list, and works as one of the best apps for creating color schemes and patterns for your home. Open Adobe Color Capture, start snapping photos of structures and environments that inspire you, and then, you’ll be able to pull out specific RGB values, color names, and even make color schemes with a collection of photos. You can make patterns that you might want to see in your home, too!

Download it now: Google Play

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Planner 5D

Planner 5D Is another favorite home design app for Note 9 because you can create 2D and 3D models of interior and exterior spaces. It’s essentially a “dream” app, allowing you to put together your own home plans without having to hire a professional architect or designer. It’s actually handy to mess around with something like Planner 5D so that when you’re ready to go to an architect, you have a rough idea of what you’re dreaming of. Planner 5D even has a massive catalog of items that you can place in your environment to start getting inspiration and ideas for interior design.

One of the the nicer touches to Planner 5D is the ability to use it offline and online. Some catalog items will require a data connection, but the ability to play around with it when you have some free time without Internet is a great feature.

Download it now: Google Play

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Houzz is another great home design option, as it uses 3D models and high res photography to inspire you and even show you how furniture and decorations could look like in your home. It actually lets you check out furniture and decorations in 3D space so that you can at least get a very good idea how it might fit and look in your own home. You’ll be able to check out things like couches, end tables, beds, nightstands, entertainment centers, and more. There’s 16 million different products you can check out, actually! And Houzz makes it easy to check out all of this, as it organizes all of the ideas by Room Types and Styles.

Download it now: Google Play

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Best Home Decorating Ideas

Last up on our list is Best Home Decorating Ideas. If you’re looking for something that exclusively has home design inspiration and ideas, this is the app for you. You can filter by different room types, such as Kids Room, Dining Room, Master Bedroom, Bathrooms, and more. Tap on any one of these categories, and you’ll get served thousands of photos of ideas for these different rooms. Not only that, but Best Home Decorating Ideas even has categories decorated to exteriors, including gardens, pools, and more.

Download it now: Google Play


There are a lot of excellent applications out there for designing your home, whether you’re looking for inspiration for a new theme, looking to put some finishing touches on a room, or even if you’re looking for some renovation plans. All of these apps will help you get some inspiration going, but one of the best you can use is Pinterest — there are literally tens of thousands of ideas for home design project on there. Not only that, but many of the “pins” will actually provide you with material lists and instructions for project completion!

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