5 Best Interior Design App For Galaxy S9

Looking for a good interior design app for Galaxy S9? Then you’ve come to the right place. With a high-end app like this, you can easily bring your interior design ideas to life in your home. They even allow you to start the planning process for free by allowing you to put ideas together yourself without actually hiring a designer for a consultation.

Ready to get started with the best interior design app for Galaxy S9? Here are our top picks that you cannot go wrong with!


Pinterest comes in as first up on our list, and is an excellent way to start compiling some interior design ideas for your home. Pinterest serves a lot of different interests, but interior design is one of the larger categories. Anyone can sign up for a free Pinterest account and add “Interior Design” as a listed interest. Then, you can start discovering pins, and adding them to your own “interior design” board to save for later. You can even search for interior design ideas from other users’ public boards, and pin those ideas to your own board.

Using Pinterest could potentially be a great way to save money as well. Instead of having a designer come in and hire contractors to bring your idea to life, many of these pins have materials and instructions associated with them. That said, you could very easily take on many of these projects by yourself! And, since many of these give you a material list, you can start accruing the necessary materials a little bit at a time.

Download it now: Google Play


Houzz is next up on our list, and acts as a sort of “ideabook.” Houzz is entirely dedicated to interior design, so their database actually has a whopping 14 million images in high resolution. You’ll be able to look at all sorts of products, furniture types, light fixtures, and more in Houzz. These images are all organized into styles, room, and location types, so you can easily sift through only what you want to see. And, when you find something that you like, just save an idea or product to your “Ideabook” for later use.

Download it now: Google Play

Adobe Color Capture

Adobe Color Capture is an excellent way to remember colors and color codes for potentially using them within your home. If you come across a color or color pattern that you like when travelling about, just open up Adobe Color Capture on your smartphone, snap a picture of the object, and Adobe Color Capture will be able to recognize the exact color in the photo. Generally, Adobe Color Capture will give you a color name as well as an RGB code to use. You can even use Adobe Color Capture to generator specific patterns and vectors.

Download it now: Google Play


We really like MagicPlan because of its ability to get measurements and room sizes without actually pulling out the taper measure. Using MagicPlan, just take pictures of your room, and the app will be able to compute the size of the room as well as any measurements you might need. MagicPlan will even let you view your room in a virtual 3D space. You can already see how MagicPlan would be useful for making your interior design dreams come to life, but it can also be used for simpler purposes, too. Snap a photo of a hallway or door, and you can quickly get a measurement to see if a piece of furniture you’re trying to move around is even possible, and ideally without taking off the door!

As you can see, MagicPlan is an extremely useful tool, but what might be even more surprising is that it’s completely free.

Download it now: Google Play

HomeStyler Interior Design

If you’re looking for an app that can give you a sort of “try before you buy” style, then look no further than HomeStyler Interior Design. HomeStyler gives you a virtual space where you can see how furniture will look in your room before actually buying it and starting the project. You can add 3D models of light fixtures, lamps, furniture, paintings, and so much more. It’s a great way to get realistic ideas on how a interior design project is going to look when it’s finished. HomeStyler even has the ability to connect you with local designers to schedule a consultation for your project.

Download it now: Google Play


With so many options out there, it can be difficult to choose the perfect one for your interior design needs. But, which one on this list is the best interior design app for Galaxy S9? It really depends on what the individual person’s needs are; however, you can’t go wrong with the resourcefulness of Pinterest or the virtual space abilities of HomeStyler.

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