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Could this Amazon delivery drone deliver your next purchase?

Amazon teased its customers with a few images and videos of their future Amazon Air delivery drones. Amazon claims to be able to deliver packages within 30 minutes or less with this service. The drone itself will fly under 400 feet and weights less than 55 pounds. Currently, these Prime Air drones are in develop

Cheap Verizon Prepaid Smartphones for less than $15 at Best Buy

If you’re in the market for a simple smartphone on the Verizon Pre-paid plan, take a look at these two smartphones.  Both made by LG, the Optimus Zone 2 and Optimus Exceed 2 are both currently on sale at Best Buy for less than $15.  Here are other cheap Verizon prepaid smartphones we’ve mentioned before

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Smartphone Camera Product Photography Tips: Lighting Dos and Don’ts

Without light, there’s no picture. For taking photos with your smartphone, even the best angles and background take a backseat to lighting considerations. You can easily produce professional level images using simple lighting techniques. Whether it’s shots of food, products, or your dog, these rules help you create great photography. As part of the our

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Amazon launches unlimited cloud storage plans for $60/year

Ever get the annoying “Insufficient Storage Available” prompt error on your smartphone? Odds are you either installed too many apps or you are a photography fanatic. If you claim the latter, we have a quick fix for you. All Amazon Prime members currently receive free unlimited photo storage on their Amazon Cloud storage, in addition

TDG Presents: 1 Day Sale 25% off Universal 5″ Smartphone Wallet Case

As many of our readers know by now, TDG recently launched a store offering common Android smartphone accessories that we believe will enhance the user’s experience for their device.  We occasionally offered special sales and coupon codes exclusively for our email subscribers.  If you are interested in joining our email list, please send an email

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