AT&T Giving Its Customers 15GB of Free Hotspot Data

  • AT&T has announced that it will offer 15GB of additional hotspot data for free to users on select unlimited plans.
  • This comes after carriers like T-Mobile and Verizon offered similar freebies to their customers.
  • AT&T mentions that the free hotspot data will be available on April 2 and will be valid until May 13.

Given that a large number of Americans are currently advised to stay at home, mobile carriers are offering multiple freebies to make the best of your free time. While Verizon announced recently that it will offer 15GB of additional hotspot or standard 4G LTE data to practically everyone, including prepaid users, AT&T and its subsidiary Cricket gave away 2GB of prepaid data for just $15. Well, AT&T has now announced a similar plan, but with some changes. The carrier mentions that it will offer 15GB of free hotspot data to eligible customers. The hotspot data will be added automatically to users’ accounts on April 2 and will be valid until May 13.

Firstly, the 15GB free hotspot data will not be applicable to every user but only those who are subscribed to AT&T Unlimited Elite or Extra plans. So even if you’re on an unlimited data pack, like the AT&T Unlimited Starter, you won’t get the free hotspot data. It seems like AT&T is adding free hotspot data to users who already have a hotspot enabled on their account.

This is certainly more restrictive than Verizon’s promo which basically covers every user under its umbrella. Perhaps AT&T can make some changes to its plan to include everyone, particularly considering how its industry rival is offering significantly better promotions.

AT&T doesn’t just offer 15GB of free hotspot data, though. The carrier has also slashed prices on accessories by up to 20%, while there’s free express shipping available as well. AT&T will also waive restocking fees as well as activation or upgrade charges.

As more users stay indoors, users may expect some congestion in traffic, which consequently leads to slower data speeds. While some users have already complained about this at the forums, there’s really not much the carriers can do about this at a time like this.

Are you claiming your free 15GB of hotspot data from AT&T?

Source: AT&T

Via: Droid Life

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