AT&T, T-Mobile, and Cricket Wireless Offering Monthly 2GB Data Plans for $15

  • AT&T and Cricket Wireless have announced new $15 per month plans with 2GB of data.
  • These will be prepaid plans with T-Mobile and MetroPCS offering the same promotion for its customers.
  • Despite the similarities, AT&T and Cricket Wireless’ plan seems more customer-friendly.

Amidst the coronavirus outbreak that has forced most of us home, mobile carriers are stepping up in order to help people who are indoors. Carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, and Cricket Wireless are currently offering affordable prepaid plans to their customers costing only $15 per month with a 2GB data allowance. While T-Mobile was first to announce this, AT&T and Cricket Wireless have just joined the fray. But there are some key differences between T-Mobile’s data plan and the one offered by AT&T and Cricket Wireless.

While plans from all three networks will cost you $15 per month, T-Mobile will disable data completely after the 2GB allocation runs out. This goes against T-Mobile’s claims of being the Uncarrier.

However, AT&T and Cricket Wireless will continue to offer data, albeit at slower speeds than usual after the data is exhausted. As of now, Verizon has remained relatively quiet with regards to offering cheaper data plans, although the carrier recently offered its customers 15GB of additional data.

In addition to T-Mobile, its subsidiary and prepaid carrier MetroPCS is also offering the same 2GB data for $15 per month and just as expected, data is disabled completely when you finish the 2GB. Perhaps T-Mobile will want to amend that policy for this particular plan going by what its competitors are doing. It goes without saying that the carrier has been fairly generous with its promotions and offers over the course of the years. Consequently, T-Mobile has emerged as one of the top carriers in the U.S., taking on juggernauts like AT&T and Verizon. T-Mobile’s merger with Sprint is expected to bolster the company’s position even further in the telecommunications industry.

Are you going to try the aforementioned data plans from any of the carriers? Let us know below.

Source: T-Mobile, AT&T

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