5 Ways To Unblock Access To Facebook At School Or Work in 2023

It goes without saying, Facebook has become insanely popular. Most people in society have a Facebook account, and even more of us check or update our Facebook feeds multiple times throughout the day. This can take up a lot of time, so your school institution or place of work might actually block Facebook on their network. They believe by doing this that they’re increasing productivity at work or school, as well as keeping any dangerous content or speech off of their networks. Unfortunately, it’s more frustrating than helpful to most people. If you’re one of those people that wants to go against the grain and access your Facebook account even though there’s a block in place, we have five ways that you can easily unblock it.

Use a VPN

The first way you can unblock Facebook at school or at work is through the use a VPN, or a Virtual Private Network. By using a VPN, you route all of your Internet traffic through a VPN, which then encrypts that data and shows it to your ISP as, well, encrypted data. Your ISP isn’t able to break through that encryption and see what type of data that is. That said, since your ISP is unable to identify the type of data that you’re using, they’re unable to block that type of data. So, since they can’t see that you’re accessing Facebook, they can’t block access to YouTube.

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Browser Extensions

You can also unblock Facebook by using a browser extension. One extension that’s fairly popular for unblocking Facebook and other services out there is Hola extension. By downloading and installing the Hola extension, you’re able to unblock Facebook (and other services) while at work. It’s a completely free extension that you can download at your browser’s respective extension or plugin stores. It’s worth noting that using the Hola extension can be sort of risky, as far as connection slowdowns go. It’s free, but like anyone, Hola has to make money — so they take your extra bandwidth and sell it. This can cause connection slowdowns and hang ups, so if you start to experience this, you might want to get rid of it to remove that problem.

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Tor Browser

You can also use the Tor browser to bypass your institution or place of work’s block on Facebook or other services. The Tor browser masks your IP address and allows you to browse the Web with 100% anonymity. One of the neat things about the Tor browser is that it’s completely free of charge — you can go to the Tor website and download it without having to foot any cash. It’s worth noting that Tor does give you access to websites that are questionable, so when using the Tor browser, be extra careful on sites you visit, as you could very easily infect your PC with malware.

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Proxy Sites

Another way that you can access Facebook is through proxy sites. By using a proxy site, you don’t have to download any software on your PC or device to access Facebook and other services. You can visit a proxy website in your favorite browser. You can go to KProxy or even Proxify, and then in the input form, type in the Facebook address, and then it’ll open a new tab in your browser with your access to Facebook. You’ll be able to browse Facebook freely, as if it wasn’t even blocked in the first place. The only downside to proxy sites is that many of them have a ton of ads that might interfere with your experience. The upside is that Proxify is a paid-Proxy site service, so you won’t experience ads there.


It’s worth noting that you potentially just alter the address of Facebook. Some institutions have Facebook blocked by the http address, such as “http://facebook.com.” Simply altering the address to “https://facebook.com” in your address bar could allow you to access Facebook freely. This won’t always work, but since many places who block sites like this add in the addresses manually, they don’t always block every alteration of the site address.


So, which is the best method for unblocking Facebook? We recommend using a VPN to access Facebook, as they not only allow you to access censored or blocked content, but also give you an extra layer of security to browse the ‘net with. As an alternative, using a proxy site might be your next best option, as you don’t have to download anything to your computer in order to access Facebook this way.

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