5 Best Racing Games For Kids On Android

Banking at high speeds around the final curve, you come out just ahead of the car next to you in your souped up Mustang that you have spent weeks moding to get to this point.  Adrenaline pumping you race for the last power up and charge across the finish line just ahead of the competitor. Popping a wheelie in victory, you realize that your child is glued to the screen.  It is then that you realized that it is time to get them some racing games of their own. But what to choose? Here is a list of 5 of the best racing games for kids on Android.

Fun Kids Car Racing Game

This is a great racing game for kids age 2 to 10 years old.  The silly cars are fun, fast and simple to use. Even a toddler is able to manipulate this game easily.  There are over 15 different cars to use. You can custom paint the cars and then race them on over 30 different courses.  Your child races against other cars. The game’s mechanics is skewed toward your child’s success as the cars slow down when they get ahead of your child.  The cars never flip. There are easy buttons for jumps and beeping your horn. And you can control the soundtrack of the music as you race. At the end, they can pop their victory balloons for more points.  It is a lot of fun for a little one and introduces them to the great world of car races.

Download it now: Google Play

Car Race Games For Kids — Awesome KC Apps

Ready Set Go! This car race game focuses on the drag strip.  They will experience the sights and sounds of the racing world.  There are also car racing puzzles, matching games and other interactive experiences  to be found in this app. It is designed for children age 4 and up. This game helps your child’s fine motor skills as they learn reasoning and concept development.  There are memory and recognition skills, hand and eye coordination skills, early math concepts and color recognition and vocabulary. These are all packed into this fun game with will keep the kids racing for more.

Download it now: Google Play

Kids Cars Hill Racing Games

 Start your engines. This fun racing game with designed with your child’s educational needs in mind.  It specifically focuses on your child’s problem solving and memory skills. It also attempt to help increase your child’s confidence as they drive thier cars.  In the game the child must work to get the cars up the hills and once they do the down hill drive becomes smooth. It is an easy to play racing game focused on the under 12 year old crowd.  There are a wide selection of cars and easy controls to play the game. Give it a try.

Download it now: Google Play

Kids Police Car Driving Simulator

Does your child want to drive at breakneck speeds with no consequences?  This police racing game is for them. The game has a garage full of powerful police cars just ready for your child to drive and perform all their favorite stunts in.  Your child can boost, drift, roll, jump and crash in their police cruiser as they explore the massive open world driving environment. The game has lots of great vehicles to choose from and is easy to play and control.  There is a fully working dashboard and lots of driving sounds to go along with all your child’s antics. Turn on your lights and lets get some bad guys.

Download it now: Google Play

Funny Racing Cars by Bubadu

Does your child not only have a love of cars and mechanical things, but a great imagination and love of design?  In this game, your child can pimp out their ride in the craziest ways. At the start they can choose from a car, truck, tractor or monster truck.  Then they unleash their creativity with all kinds of paint, decoration, stickers, tires, engines and so forth. After they are finished, they can jump in the driver’s seat and drive on different tracks and islands.  They can perform jumps and stunts and try to get across the finish line first. With over 120 levels this game has a long supply of fun for the family.

Download it now: Google Play


There are lots of car racing games out there to love and enjoy with your child.  Take a quick spin around your phone and you are certain to find the right one to bring squeals of glee from your child as they enjoy that adrenaline rush.  Have fun and dont run out of fuel.

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