5 Best Mad Libs For Kids On Android

Oh, the joys of learning English grammar, and mad libs app make it even more fun.  The squeals of glee as a child begins the process of learning a noun is a person, place or thing or that a verb is an action (except when it is not).  And what is the difference between an adjective and an adverb again? Ok. Maybe your child is not enamored by learning the parts of speech. But they will be excited about these crazy stories that they can help create.  

Maybe that will help them desire to learn those parts of speech a little more and make the learning to be not as big of a headache as it would be otherwise. It also might make them a little more willing to try something crazy when they get to that creative writing class later in life.  You never know when that budding novelist might appear, give them the best mad libs app.

Best Mad Libs For Kids On Android

mad libs app

1) Mad Libs By Penguin Random House, LLC

This Mad Libs game has over 21 different stories to choose from.  You can save your creations to share with your family and friends.  Not only are there hilarious stories to be told, but this game also comes with it’s own customizable soundtrack to play as your friends read your side splitting stories.

Download it now: Google Play

mad libs app

2) Stories Gone Mad

This mad libs app takes your child’s favorite fairy tales, fables and some other odd stories and turns them into mad libs.  Poindexter, a bored scientist, has chosen in game to do this with the help of his computer and your kids. Kids are encouraged to use their knowledge of grammar to feed the computer and find out what funny twists happen to their childhood classics.  

The stories are acceptable for small children, but have smart enough sense of humor that even adults should enjoy the creations that will come out of game play. There are stories available in the free app, but for some of your child’s favorites they may be asked to pay.  You are able to share your stories once written on your favorite social media. This app was actually created by language experts looking for your child to learn real grammar skills as they use this app. So enjoy watching your child learn.

Download it now: Google Play

3) Epic Libs

As they advertise in their own marketing, “This is not your dad’s mad libs game.”  Epic Libs has a fresh take on mad libs by allowing you to do movie reviews, mad lib novels, and even change lyrics to songs and then hear it sung in app with the new lyrics.  Not only this, but there is an endless number of mad libs to choose from.

There is also a fun time trial mode where the words come fast and you don’t have time to consider what kind of crazy story you might be creating. What a great bit of fun to play with your kids and their friends. There will be hours of fun here even for your older children and maybe their parents too.

4) KidLibs

This mad libs app is focused towards preschool and early grade school children.  Parents are needed to use this app. But it is a great way to get your child involved in the beginning storytelling process.  The parents are prompted with appropriate questions to ask your child to help them participate in the process. This fosters the amazing creative thought process that is naturally held by children of this age.  Hopefully, it will blossom into helping them learn to love storytelling at an early age and let them continue that into their later years as they learn to write more in earnest.

5) Mad Libs By Asgeir Bjelland

This app focuses on helping your child learn their parts of speech in a way that will help them enjoy the fruits of their labor.  The stories are fun and allow for peals of laughter to rain through your home instead of the usual grumbling that comes with english homework.  Any parent can appreciate that as a result of asking their child to learn.

Verdict on mad libs app

Mad libs are crazy fun. We all remember the delight of doing them in school when the teacher pulled them out and laughing at our group creation, waiting with baited breath for your word to come into play and see how funny it was.  What a great opportunity to share this love with your child and help them with their English skills. And these apps give you quite a variety of options to choose from. So pick your favorite mad libs app adjective and have a good time!

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