Troubleshooting Five Signal Problems on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – PART 1 of 2

Enumerated below and in the next pertinent page are five common signal problems that you may encounter with your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 device plus some workarounds to deal with each issue.

Problem  #1. No Signal or No Service

Evident indication of this problem is your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 not receiving any signal or network service. Among the possible causes of this problem would include:

  • Change of carriers or switching from one carrier to another
  • Inactive account or account is not properly set up
  • Ongoing network outage
  • Liquid or physical damage is occurring on the device
  • Airplane mode is activated
  • Network connection is not consistent or intermittent
  • Using of incorrect SIM card
  • Outdated device software
  • Third-party application causing an issue


  1. To make sure the problem is not caused by your current account status, please check and see if your account is in good standing.
  2. In case you never received signal or service on your device, please call your Service Provider to make sure your account is properly provisioned.
  3. If the problem is only occurring in certain location, please verify with your Service Provider and ask them about the coverage area where you encounter signal loss on your device.
  4. Check your device for any possible liquid or physical damage. Try to remember any instance when your device got wet or was dropped.
  5. Check the SIM card and make sure it is not damaged and installed correctly. Also make sure you are using the right SIM card provided by your Service Provider. To determine if the problem is caused by a faulty SIM card, try to place your SIM card into another device (if available) and vice-versa.
  6. In case you notice your device software needs an update, check for available software updates for your Galaxy Note online via Samsung Support website.
  7. Check and verify your device Airplane mode. Remember that Airplane mode should not be set to ACTIVE status, to ensure it is not interfering network signal or service on your device. To check the Airplane Mode, press and hold the Power button simultaneously for 1-2 seconds. An indicator of an Airplane mode that is not active is a label that says ‘Airplane mode is OFF.’ To disable this feature, simply touch the Airplane mode.
  8. Try to re-establish connection with the mobile network by removing the battery for 30 seconds with the device still ON. Wait until the time has elapsed, and then replace the battery and power it on. Please wait for a few seconds for your device to establish connection to the network.
  9. Place a test call to your Voicemail and see if it goes through.
  10. If the issue continues, try to uninstall third-party applications. Otherwise, please contact your service provider using a different device for further troubleshooting assistance.

If by all the aforesaid means, your Galaxy Note 2 is still experiencing signal loss or no network service problems, then you should contact your service provider as they have access to additional network resources that would help you identify and resolve the issue


Problem #2. Poor Signal Strength/Reception

In this case, you may notice that your device is getting poor reception or low signal strength, likely 1 to 2 bars of signal only. Note that low signal strength or poor reception can also be caused by many factors such as carrier switch, network outage, intermittent network connection, third-party cover or casing, third-party application, outdated device software, and incorrect SIM card. In some cases, the problem is due to physical or liquid damage present on the device.


  1. Try removing any third-party covers or case from the device. It is possible that the case or cover is barring your device from getting good signal or reception.
  2. Sometimes, your device is getting poor signal or reception only in certain areas. If this is the case, please verify with your service provider about the coverage in the location where you are experiencing poor signal or reception. It could be that the area where you are having signal issue is already out of their coverage.
  3. Poor reception may also be due when you are Roaming, or traveling outside of your Home Network. Talk your service provider about the exact network coverage while you are roaming so as to ensure this is not causing issues on reception or network signal.
  4. Make sure you are using the right SIM card provided by your service provider. Also check if the SIM card is installed correctly and is not faulty.
  5. In case your device is already outdated, check for any available software updates for the device.
  6. Try to re-establish a connection with the mobile network. To do so, remove the battery for 30 seconds with the device still on. Wait until the time has elapsed, then replace the battery.
  7. Power the device ON and wait for a few more seconds for it to establish connection to the network.
  8. Try to place a test call to a different phone number and see if there are improvements.

If problem persists, please contact your service provider using a different device. Typically, your service provider has access to additional network tools and resources to help you further in identifying and resolving poor signal/reception problems with your Galaxy Note 2.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Other factors that will affect signal strength are building structures, weather conditions and other electronic devices.

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  1. I brought my Samsung Note 2 back from Manila and use it for email via my home Wifi. I like it but the face screen is cracked and I wonder where I could send it to have the screen replaced. Can you suggest anything?


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