5 Best Launchers For Galaxy Note 10

Let’s face it, the Galaxy Note 10 is a great phone, but as is normally the case with an OEM behind it like Samsung, the user interface is needlessly complicated, and full of bloatware. We can’t help you on the bloatware part, as getting rid of that generally required a complicated rooting process; however, you can easily fix the user interface with a custom launcher.

A custom launcher allows you to simply replace the user interface with something a little more lightweight. It allows you to move through your screen quickly, and generally they come with customization options that you wouldn’t normally have access too. Not sure what the best options are? Follow along below, and we’ll show you some of our favorites.

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of our favorite choices, dominating the custom launcher field for years now. It’s still one of the top options, even today.

Between the clean and easy to use interface and the sheer amount of customization it gives you, Nova Launcher is a difficult one to beat. Within Nova Launcher’s own settings, you have a ton of customization options. There are themes that you can select, and controls that let you make even the tiniest adjustments and modifications.

One of the aspects that’s actually pretty unique to Nova Launcher is the insane widget support that it has. You can even add widgets on the app drawer, but in a 4×1 scale.

Microsoft Launcher

If you really want to try something new, look no further than the Microsoft Launcher. Microsoft hasn’t been much involved in Android and launchers, at least up until now. That said, you’re going to get a sweet new interface with this one.

One of the neat things about Microsoft Launcher is that it’s able to create seamless connectivity between your phone and your Windows PC. With this type of functionality, you don’t have to email yourself files or reminders anymore. Your Galaxy Note 10 can just easily hook up to your Windows machine with the launcher, and transfer files that way.

One of the things that we like about Microsoft Launcher is the universal search feature that comes with it — it’s actually quite similar to what you’d find on iOS, allowing you to search for terms throughout your phone and the Web simultaneously.

And of course, you’re more than welcome to use Microsoft’s own voice assistant, Cortana, with Microsoft Launcher.

Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher 5 is another one that’s been around for a really long time now, actually on its fifth version. It has some pretty neat AI technology in it, automatically adjusting the launcher’s theme colors to match your wallpaper. It can automatically categorize apps as well.

Smart Launcher 5 also has a gesture system built-in, which is pretty unique to this launcher. For example, instead of using your phone’s power button to wake and lock your screen, you can use the gesture system. With just a couple of taps on the display, you can unlock or lock your phone.

Pixel Launcher

Pixel Launcher is actually one of our favorite custom launchers for the Galaxy Note 10, because we hear at The Droid Guy love the simplicity that comes with Google’s interfaces. If you’re looking for a simple and clean interface that you can use with the Galaxy Note 10, the Pixel Launcher will definitely be the one to give a shot first.

We wouldn’t say there are any special functions inside the Pixel Launcher like you would find in Nova Launcher or Smart Launcher; however, you are going to see a cleaner and overall speedier interface.

It actually has some neat Google Now — or at least what was known as Google Now — functionality in it, where you can swipe to see access to contextual cards, like local weather, traffic, interesting locations, and more.

Apex Launcher

Last up, but certainly not least, we’re looking at Apex Launcher. If you’re looking for something that offers extensive customization over your home screen, Apex Launcher will fill that void, though not necessarily to the extent that Nova Launcher will. Apex Launcher has loads of customization features, and one unique feature is that you can preview your changes before actually making them to the home screen.

Like many of these, Apex Launcher will work with phones and tablets, so you can curate essentially the same experience on your Galaxy Tab as well.


Here we’ve shown you what we think are five of the best custom launchers for the Galaxy Note 10. If you’re looking for customization, Nova Launcher will be right up your alley. However, if it’s simplicity and minimalism you want, Pixel Launcher is likely the better option here.

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