7 Best Wireless Chargers For LG V35 ThinQ

Wires are frustrating. Messing with cables for charging is just a hassle — they very easily get lost, they get tangled up, and sometimes dust gets packed in charging ports and slows down or prevents charging altogether. It’s infuriating, which is why wireless charging is so nice — set your phone down on a charging

5 Best Wireless Chargers For Razer Phone 2

Wires. Wires are annoying. Some are defective, others easily break, and depending on what you have, charging might be extremely slow. Not only that, but charging ports can be just as much of annoyance — if dust or lint starts to pack up in there, your phone might not recognize that there’s a cable inside

Amazon Fire HD 10

5 Best Wireless Charger For Fire HD 10 Tablet

Wires are a quick way to charge up a phone or tablet, but a rising technology that is quickly taking over that traditional method of charging is charging over wireless. Set a phone or tablet on a wireless charging pad, and charging begins immediately — no meddling with wires or charging ports necessary. Wireless charging

5 Best Wireless Chargers For OnePlus 7 Pro

Once again, OnePlus is standing firm on its decision to not include wireless charging in its smartphones because of its “slowness”. That’s even after Qualcomm announced that it would be providing Quick Charge technology in a number of different wireless chargers. So for those that want to charge their OnePlus 7 Pro over a charging

5 Best Phone Accessories For Galaxy S9

Did you just get yourself a new Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus? Then you need some new accessories to outfit your device with! Whether you’re looking to improve your selfie game, dive into the strange, but interesting world of virtual reality, or outfit your device with a new case or screen protector, there’s an

5 Best Wireless Chargers For Moto Z2 Force

We likely don’t have to convince you: wires are extremely annoying, especially when it comes to, say, charging a smartphone. It’s just difficult trying to get the cord in the right way, but on top of that, there are just so many issues with micro-USB. Ports seem to break easily, and cables go bad even

5 Best Wireless Chargers For OnePlus 7

As we expected, OnePlus yet again didn’t include Qi wireless charging for the next OnePlus device — the OnePlus 7. They say it’s largely because wireless charging is not nearly as quick, but folks still want the ability to charge up their phones with their wireless charging pad. And luckily, you can. You’ll need to

5 Best Wireless Chargers For Huawei P30

One of the things the awesome technologies that we have today is Qi wireless charging. Most flagship phones today come with this, allowing you to simply set your phone on a charging pad to charge your phone. Strangely enough, this is one of the things that doesn’t come in the Huawei P30, though you can

How To Use Wireless Charger

Traditional charging by a physical wire is headed the way of the dinosaur, as wireless charger slowly works to take the place of a charging method that might be fast, but a big hassle. It can be extremely difficult to keep track of wires, and not only that, but after so many or x amount

5 Best Wireless Charger For Nexus 6P

One technology that we can all agree on that is super annoying is micro-USB in smartphones — not only do they charge up your phone at a slow rate, but after a few hundred uses, they are easily broken as well, along with the cables. That renders charging your phone impossible, so where do you

5 Best Wireless Chargers For OnePlus 6T

Are you tired of charging your OnePlus 6T with a wire? Wires are annoying because they usually easily break, and other times, it seems that the charging port in phones are very easily damaged or destroyed. That’s why wireless charging is so attractive, and unfortunately, isn’t available in the OnePlus 6T. However, you can pick