5 Best Wireless Chargers For Moto G6

Wires. They’re all annoying — micro-USB and USB Type-C. Wires just aren’t convenient — not only that, but it can be extremely difficult and expensive to get a decent performing one that will last you for a few years. That’s why wireless charging has become so popular — set a phone on a wireless charging pad, and charging begins immediately — no fiddling with wires necessary. Not only that but many wireless chargers today can juice up your devices extremely quickly, especially if your device has a Qualcomm Quick Charge-supported SoC.

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Our favorite wireless charger is the Anker 10W fast charging wireless charging pad.

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So, wireless charging is super convenient, but how do you bring it to a phone that doesn’t have those capabilities, such as the Moto G6? All you need is a Qi Receiver to plug into the Moto G6’s micro-USB port, and then you can tuck it away under a case. Once you do that, though, what wireless chargers do you pick up for the Moto G6? We’ve done a lot of that legwork for you, showing you what the five best wireless chargers are below. Here are our top picks.

Mophie Wireless Charging Pad

And coming in at number five place, we have the Mophie Wireless Charging Pad. Mophie has been around the block quite a bit in charging products, so they know what they’re doing with this wireless charging pad. It’s able to charge up your phone at decent rates; however, what we like the option from Mophie for is its reliability. You won’t have to buy another wireless charger again after this one.

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Belkin Boost Up

And in number four place is the Belkin Boost Up. Belkin created the Boost Up in partnership with Apple so that there would an excellent wireless charging solution for many of their Qi-supported iPhone models. That said, the Boost Up also works well with many other phones on the market, including the Moto G6. Charging by wire is still a lot faster in comparison to the Boost Up, but you’ll still get decent rates, not to mention the number of charging precautions built straight into the circuitry.

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Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

And third up on our list is Samsung’s very own wireless charger — the Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand. There are a lot of garbage wireless chargers out there, and that’s partially why Samsung has made a premium option here. It’s one of the best that you can buy today — right up there with the Mophie, Samsung has put some premium construction into this that’s hard to beat. The wireless charger doesn’t feel cheap at all and will be something that you can rely on for years to come. After you initially set the charger up, you shouldn’t have to deal with wires here ever again. And as you might expect, there are several charging safeguards built right into the circuitry.

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Anker Wireless Charger Stand

Coming in at number two on our list, we have the Anker Wireless Charger Stand. Don’t want to spend too much on a wireless charger, but still want to make sure that you’re getting some excellent quality? Then this option by Anker will be right in your wheelhouse — it’ll charge your phone a little slower than, say, the Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand, but it’s hard to complain about something so affordable. The nice thing about this one is that it is a stand, so it’s easy to manage notifications and phone calls without interrupting charging.

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Anker Fast Wireless Charger

Anker also offers a fairly cheap and premium wireless charger in the traditional “pad” profile. That is the Anker Fast Wireless Charger — set your Moto G6 on this bad boy, and charging will take place at a really fast pace. On top of its top of the line charging capabilities, the Anker Fast Wireless Charger is one of the sleeker-looking options on the market right now. It’ll fit right in any home or office style out there. Lastly, several safeguards are built into the circuitry to keep your Moto G6 safe from overcharging, voltage spikes, and more.

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So, we’ve shown you five of the best wireless chargers that you can pick up for the Moto G6. Any one of these will work well, so long as you have that Qi Receiver plugged into your device. However, if you’re looking to buy a wireless charger that will last you a long time, the Samsung Fast Wireless Charger is the way to go here, or even the Anker Fast Wireless Charger, if you’re on a budget.

Do you have a favorite wireless charger for Moto G6? Let us know what it is in the comments section below — we’d love to hear from you!