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Need For Speed: No Limits game to charge players for fuel

According to a new revelation, the heavily hyped Need For Speed: No Limits game will have one major caveat which could make gameplay quite difficult for players. It has been revealed by a few screenshots that EA will have a system in place which will charge players for fuel. This works in the same way

Need for Speed No Limits

Promo video for EA’s Need For Speed No Limits now live

With EA Games expected to launch Need for Speed No Limits soon, the developer has now posted a new teaser video for the game. The latest Need for Speed game certainly is an upgrade over what we’ve seen from EA on mobile devices in the past. The promo properly shows off the game’s graphics prowess and

Need For Speed: Most Wanted’s Price Slashed To 99-Cents

Those who — like me — enjoy racing games on Android may want to get over to the Play Store ASAP, as Need For Speed: Most Wanted has been updated and is also on sale for a mere 99-cents. Considering that Need For Speed: Most Wanted is usually $6.99, this is a massive deal. As mentioned

Need for Speed: Most Wanted for mobile is coming to iOS and Android

The most recent updates Electronic Arts (EA) released about its upcoming racing title, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, suggest that there is going to be a version created for mobile devices specifically for iPhone, iPad and compatible Android smartphones and tablets. Most Wanted is the most popular title in the Need for Speed franchise and

Need For Speed: Most Wanted Will Let You Mod Your Car Using Kinect

Criterion, developer for Need for Speed: Most Wanted has detailed the game’s Kinect functionality, as this stunning racer speeds closer to its launch date (I am honestly hoping Kinect does not ruin this title). This new Need for Speed installment includes quite an arsenal of various car customization options, which Criterion said was easily accessed