How to fix a water-damaged or wet Galaxy S7, other issues

Smartphone owners usually wonders what’s the best way of fixing a water-damaged or wet device, particularly the #GalaxyS7, so we think publishing a brief guide about it is necessary. This issue and four others will be discussed below. We hope you’ll find this material useful in your own search for answers. Galaxy S7 no sound

Galaxy Note 5 shutting down on its own, other issues

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Galaxy S5 battery drain issue after Android update, other issues

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Galaxy Note 5 stuck in boot loop after rooting, other issues

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Galaxy S7 won’t connect to the internet via Wi-Fi, other issues

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Galaxy Note 5 losing battery fast in idle mode, other issues

Battery drain is a perennial issue for most smartphones today and even flagship models are not immune. We’ve already covered many power- or battery-related issues in the past but let’s take a look at one issue below. It is submitted by one of our #GalaxyNote5 users. Don’t hesitate to consult more of our previously posted

Galaxy Note 4 unable to make a phone call, other issues

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Galaxy S5 call problems before and after an update, other issues

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How to fix an unresponsive Galaxy Note 5, other issues

Samsung’s latest flagship in its Galaxy Note series, the #GalaxyNote5, is an impressive device in its class. It sports great hardware and runs on the latest Android operating system. It’s not perfect however and we regularly receive requests for assistance from members of our community. Below are some of these issues and ways to resolve

Galaxy S4 freezes and becomes unresponsive during calls

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