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5 Best Free Android Games Without Ads In 2019

Don’t want to spend the money on Android game that you might play for a couple days, and then leave it to collect dust in your app drawer? Then you might want to consider sticking to free Android games. Of course, then you run into the aspect that, everyone wants a free Android game, but

The Wolf Among Us arrives on Android via the Amazon Appstore

Telltale Games, developer of popular console and PC games like The Walking Dead and the Monkey Island series, has been steadily warming up to Android after years of ignoring Google’s mobile operating system. The Walking Dead made its way to our beloved OS in the last few months, and now, Telltale has brought over another

wiimote to galaxy s3

How to Connect the Wiimote to Galaxy S3

A question was recently sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag which reads: “I am a fan of Android games. I found your articles about connecting the controllers of various game consoles into Samsung Galaxy devices quite interesting especially the guide about connecting the Xbox 360 to the Samsung Galaxy S4 for gaming. Okay,

Flappy Bird Developer Makes $50,000 A Day In Ad Revenue

Flappy Bird, that both fun and irritating game, makes a lot of money off the in-game ads. If you still don’t know what Flappy Bird is, it’s a game where you try to maneuver through a series of pipes with a bird. That’s it. There’s no other plot or instructions. You just have to keep

Valentine’s Day gift ideas and best deals for Android enthusiasts

Nothing says “I love you” quite like a heart-shaped diamond locket, fancy romantic candlelight dinner at one of those $100-a-steak restaurants, and midnight walk on the beach followed by you telling her how much she means to you while gently stroking her hair, passionately undressing her and… well, you get the idea. But it’s frigging

Flappy Bird Flies Onto Google Play

Flappy Bird, the popular iOS game, is now officially on Google Play. This game has actually been out on iOS since May 2013, but just now got popular. Now Android users can join in on the fun/torment. To play Flappy Bird, it’s actually very simple. You tap the screen to keep the bird flying through

Final Fantasy V for Android

Final Fantasy V for Android to arrive on September 26th

Final Fantasy V for Android will be released on September 26, according to an announcement made by Square Enix Europe on Twitter. Its arrival on Android comes around half a year since the same game was released for iPad and iPhone users in March 2013. Final Fantasy V for Android features and price Interested gamers


Plants vs Zombies 2 to arrive in China soon

Plants vs Zombies 2 has been on iOS for a while now, but there is still no Android release date in sight. Popcap have been very discreet about when and where the game would be coming, but news says China will get it first on Android. Just a few weeks ago, China hit back at

Android Games Now Outsells Sony & Nintendo Handheld Console Games

A new report by IDC and App Annie shows that Android games now outsells games for Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony’s PlayStation Vita combined. People spent more games from google Play than that of gaming optimized handhelds for the second quarter of this year. The report also shows that game spending on both iOS and Android

Wikipad Android gaming tablet to finally hit stores on June 11

The Wikipad Android gaming tablet is finally hitting stores in the US on June 11th for the price of $249. Retailers such as TigerDirect, Walmart, and BestBuy will be offering the device initially, but the Wikipad team hopes to partner with more retailers in the future. This launch comes long after the device was officially

Bluestacks’ GamePop to sell for $129

GamePop, an upcoming console for Android gaming, will have a retail price of $129 when it hits the market. Bluestacks, the company which developed an App Player software that brings Android to Windows and Mac computers, is behind the GamePop console. GamePop is said to be Bluestacks’ answer to the Ouya, an Android-based gaming console

Nvidia Shield stops by FCC

The Nvidia Shield Android open platform gaming console paid the FCC a visit, the final step it needs to be cleared for shipping the devices in a few weeks. The FCC filing shows the device’s original codename, Project Thor. However, it does not reveal any new information about the handheld. All the specifications about the