T-Mobile Reveals Release Date and Pricing for the Galaxy S10 5G

While multiple carriers have already announced release dates for their versions of the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, T-Mobile has been relatively quiet. However, that changes now with the Magenta carrier offering official word on the pricing as well as availability of Samsung’s new 5G capable smartphone. The carrier’s version of the Galaxy S10 5G will officially go on sale on June 28. AT&T’s version of the smartphone is only available for “business” customers, although T-Mobile will sell it to everyone.

The best part here is that even if you don’t live in any of the official 5G locations of the U.S., customers will still be able to use the carrier’s blazing fast 4G LTE networks across the U.S. Currently, only regions such as Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and New York are covered by the carrier’s 5G networks, so it’s quite clear that T-Mobile is not only targeting those regions with this new offering.

Availability, however, will be limited to regions like Atlanta, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and New York on the aforementioned date with prices starting as low as $31.25/month or $1,299.99 off contract. This device is also eligible for T-Mobile’s EIP or Equipment Installment Plan.

Barring the 5G capabilities, the T-Mobile Galaxy S10 5G is pretty much the same as its non-5G variant which broke cover earlier this year. Keeping this in mind, most users of the standard Galaxy S10 in the U.S. find this rather redundant, especially since 5G is a limited resource right now.

Are you jumping on the 5G bandwagon? Let us know.

Source: T-Mobile

Via: Phone Arena

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