Solution to issues after Galaxy S7 got wet, other issues

Hello guys! This post wants to address more problems of #GalaxyS7 series. We dedicate two slots in this article for a solution to issues after Galaxy S7 got wet. If your phone has seen water lately, this post might enlighten you on what to do.


Below the four topics that we cover in this material:

  1. Samsung keyboard on Galaxy S7 always set as default app
  2. Galaxy S7 can’t receive SMS from some iPhone users | Galaxy S7 cannot join group message with iPhone users
  3. Solution to issues after Galaxy S7 got wet
  4. Galaxy S7 “moisture detected” error | Wet Galaxy S7 won’t fast charge or charge normally

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Problem #1: Samsung keyboard on Galaxy S7 always set as default app

I purchased an S7 in March, installed all of the apps above and used all of them with no problem. The phone stopped working in June and being under warranty they sent me a new one.  I reinstalled all of the same exact stuff I had in the first one.  However, in this new phone, Samsung Keyboard continually turns itself back on as default to any app that requires keyboard usage.

I searched the web for solutions and followed steps recommended to turn it off again. I also uninstalled and reinstalled the Swype + Dragon app thinking that maybe it missed a step the first time.  I am still having the same issue with Samsung keyboard turning back on. Everytime I close an app that uses keyboard, upon reopening, I have to go back to settings and turn it back to S +D.  Can you help me to get this resolved?  Thank you for any insight you can offer. — Tina

Solution: Hi Tina. Your issue is probably due to an unknown firmware glitch that forces your phone to switch back to stock Samsung app when doing a certain action, like when need to type something. If you want to use Swype+Dragon combo only, make sure that you clear, then set, the default keyboard app to the one you want. To clear a default app on the Galaxy S7, just follow these steps:

Launch the Settings app from your Home screen or from the app drawer.

  • Tap Applications.
  • Tap Default applications.
  • Tap Set as default.
  • Tap the app for which you’d like to clear defaults. Underneath an app will have two options: None set as default or Set as default.
  • Tap Clear Defaults.

If this procedure won’t change anything, it’s possible that a third party application is creating a conflict with the operating system. Boot your phone in safe mode and try the same steps above. Here are the steps on how to boot your phone in safe mode:

  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys for 20 to 30 seconds.
  • Once you see the Samsung logo, release the Power key immediately but continue pressing the Volume Down key.
  • Your phone should continue booting up and you will be prompted to unlock your phone as usual.
  • You will know if the phone successfully booted in safe mode if the text “Safe mode” is displayed at the lower-left corner of the screen.

Doing safe mode in this case will not resolve the issue. However, it will help you identify if the problem is being caused by another app you’ve installed. Enabling safe mode prevents third party apps from working so if the problem won’t occur in this mode, that’s a confirmation of our hunch.

Problem #2: Galaxy S7 can’t receive SMS from some iPhone users | Galaxy S7 cannot join group message with iPhone users

I have been an Apple iPhone user for the past 5 years. I switched to an Android two days ago. 

I am receiving some, but not all text messages from iPhone users – this has generally been after they call me and I have asked them to hold down their texts and send them as a text message. I cannot receive group messages or create functioning group messages with iPhones. If I create a group, when others reply, their reply comes back to me as a single message or I do not get their replies at all. 

I have contacted Apple to remove me from i Message. I do not own any other Apple product that could have iMessage activated. I have turned iMessage off on my old device. I have asked my friends & family to delete my old contact and re add me as a new contact so that I am not in their phone as an iPhone…nothing has worked, and I do not have the same SIM card that was in my iPhone. 

I have contacted my provider Metro PCS and Apple and all of the above actions are what I have been told to do. 

Help please.  Almost every person I know has an iPhone and I don’t want to have to switch back to an iPhone just to be able to communicate with them. — Karlee

Solution: Hi Karlee. You’ve already done all the things that you can do on your end to fix this issue. The only problem now is beyond your control as they are on the other side of the equation. Sending and receiving text messages require that both the sender and receiver are on the same page, that is, they must be on the same compatible platform. You need to tell your friends to contact their own carrier for specific guidance on how to send text messages to a non-iPhone device.

For group messaging, you’re certainly out of luck. iPhones only use iMessage  protocol for group messaging, which means non-Apple devices cannot join. This exclusivity is a real pain that’s been going on for too long and may never be resolved. This is the reason why you’ll not be able to get group messages as your friends’ responses will be converted to individual text messages instead. The only remedy for this situation is by asking your friends to use cross-platform messaging like Facebook’s Messenger app, or Google’s Hangouts.

Problem #3: Solution to issues after Galaxy S7 got wet

My phone was dropped in the sea, whilst it function normally for the rest for the day the usual “moisture detected”” notification popped up even though it had been hours since it had been wet.

As advised, I used a hairdryer to ensure the device was not still wet and again began to try to charge the phone. The message still came up and it only started charging once I tried charging in different angles (and it no longer was fast charging, only normal charging).

This worked fine but the next day again “moisture was detected” error pops up again and even when using the hairdryer it would not charge as the message popping up.

As the water was saltwater I assumed salt has been deposited in the charging port as the water has evaporated – using guidance as per the Samsung website, I rinse the USB port with freshwater and more hairdrying time later, again holding the usb charger at certain angles and with added upwards pressure (towards the user), it again normal charged.

Two days later, it then stopped responding to the charger completely – not even a message about detecting water. Hours later and again some angled charging meant that it eventually picked up the charger and charged with intermittent “moisture messages”.

This time however, it only charged up to 70%. After reading your website, I rebooted it safe mode — didn’t actually wipe the cache partition –  and booted it normally. It is now currently charging (81%) but again with intermittent “moisture” messages and only at certain angles.

I have ordered a wireless charging station however using my phone heavily and so charge my phone at work, home and whilst in the car.

Do you suggest to continue rinsing the usb port until all the salt is removed (if this is still causing the problem) or sending it to Samsung for a technician to check it in internally?

Just wanted to know if you think this is a micro USB port issue or if it could hardware/software based? The phone wasn’t in the sea for long, matter of seconds.


-no more fast charging

-intermittent “moisture detected” messages

-angled charging required

-sometimes not picking up the connection to a charger at all.

Got wet 4 days ago.

Thank you for you help! — Sunny

Solution: Hi Sunny. The “moisture detected” error is there for a reason. It’s a reminder that your phone had been exposed to saltwater (which is several degree worse than regular water) and most importantly, that it needs repair. In an ideal world, you are supposed to immediately remove the battery and dry your phone completely. Keep in mind that the chemical composition of saltwater corrodes the circuit contacts and other metals faster than regular water. Corrosion can set in in a matter of hours so you can only expect bad things to happen starting now.

We know that doing the first one, removal of the battery from the unit, is not advisable and not practical since the said component is integrated with the motherboard. The reason being a connected battery to a circuit will more likely short circuit some components. Doing this is crucial and the longer the battery stays in that phone, the higher the chance of hardware issues to occur. This is the reason why any wet electronic device must be weaned off from its power source right away. Needless to say, turning on the phone while some components are still wet can lead to problems.

The second (drying out the phone) is a must and usually takes some time. There are many strategies in drying out a gadget including putting the device inside a bag of rice. There are other ways to dry out a phone but all of them requires a certain level of disassembly to ensure that all moisture is sucked out. Disassembling your phone, of course means voiding the warranty. You don’t have to be concerned about the warranty at this point though as it’s already been voided when you get the unit wet in the first place. Drying out a disassembled unit takes some time, depending on the conditions it is in. Putting it in a bag of uncooked rice for a few hours then turning it on won’t work, and will most likely result to hardware malfunction. The aim is to let rice or whatever you’re using to absorb the water.  The thing is, you don’t want to attempt a boot up unless you’re 100% sure that the phone is internally dry.

At this time, you can safely assume that your phone is dying, some hardware at least. There’s no amount of software troubleshooting that can fix a hardware problem obviously. The things that you can do right now includes the things below:

  • Save whatever you can. You should be thankful at least that your phone still boots up at this time. That means you can still transfer your personal data like photos, videos, music, contacts, etc., to another device like a computer or SD card.
  • Call Samsung. The next logical step is to make sure that your phone is checked by an authorized repair shop. If there’s a nearby Samsung service center in your area, be sure to let them repair the phone for you. Be ready to pay for the fee though as the repair will definitely not free.
  • Ask for a replacement. You can either contact Samsung or your carrier for this. Although there’s a slim chance that you will get a replacement unit (and you will most likely to pay for it), it’s still worth giving a try.

Again, our point in this brief discussion is to let you know that water damage almost always results to hardware problems. We know that Samsung spent so much in terms of research resources to ensure that the charging port is protected when a user exposes the device to water but in reality, water-resistance in a Galaxy S7 is not perfect. Water resistance on this device has even been questioned lately. Unless you’re a trained professional or makes a living out of fixing electronics, the best course of action is to have the phone repaired. We don’t provide guides how to fix hardware problems so if you feel confident that you can handle the issue, look for guidance somewhere.


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Problem #4: Galaxy S7 “moisture detected” error | Wet Galaxy S7 won’t fast charge or charge normally

I have Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and I putted my phone under water in ocean to take picture. As manual of Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge it says if there is no strong wave going through phone it is okay. That day there were no wave at all and I putted underwater maybe not even a minutes because only to take picture. From then on my charge stopped charging with fast charging. I made sure it is fast charging and fast charging on my phone is turned on.

After 1 day passed I saw the message saying moisture detected. So then I made a lot of research about that and made my phone able to charge but it wasn’t fast charge. I thought fast charge will come back when my USB port is full dried up as my research. Another day passed and now I can’t charge my device at all and saying moisture detected. I putted my phone on rice for 3 days still saying moisture detected. The only mistake I made was that I blew air into the port which I realized after it wasn’t right thing to do. When I shake my phone I can hear some sound which I guess it is water. Now my question is: Is there any way I can fix this problem and will the wireless charge work in this case? — Tom

Solution: Hi Tom. The general rule when dealing with a wet electronics is to have it repaired if it shows problems. The Galaxy S7 is rated as water resistant but not fully waterproofed. Since you’re dealing with problems after dunking your phone in water, you can assume that the device is now suffering from hardware malfunction, much like what Sunny (issue discussed above) is experiencing right now.

Is there any way I can fix this problem?

The answers are provided for Sunny above. There’s nothing much that you can on your end, obviously.

Will the wireless charge work in this case?

Assuming that water damage is only isolated to the micro USB or charging port area, yes wireless charging should still work. We highly recommend that you have the phone repaired nevertheless to avoid having more problems in the future.



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