What to do with your Samsung Galaxy S8 that won’t charge?

Charging issues are among the most common problems reported by Samsung Galaxy S8 owners. There were those who complained about slow charging while there were also those who reported their devices won’t charge anymore.

Below are the most basic troubleshooting procedures you need to do to try to fix the problem. But the purpose of this troubleshooting guide is simply to isolate the problem and rule out the most common possibilities. After ruling out every possibility and the problem continues, then you have the option to bring the phone to the service center.

Step 1: Force restart your Galaxy S8

It’s imperative you do this procedure first since there are cases wherein charging issues are caused by a system glitch. Press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys together for 10 seconds. Your device will reboot normally and after this, connect your phone to its charger to see if it charges.

Step 2: Make sure you’re using the original charger and cable

Before you move on to other troubleshooting procedures, verify that you’re using the original charger and cable. Third-party chargers may tell you they have the same output as with the original charger but they really don’t. By using the OEM charger and cable, you’re already isolating the problem.

Step 3: Check for possible liquid damage

Always remember electricity and water don’t mix well and if there’s a sign that your phone has some sort of liquid damage, you can always expect your phone may not charge. If there’s moist in the charger port, you might get the “moisture detected” warning. You may also have to check the Liquid Damage Indicator to see if it’s tripped; remove the SIM card tray and look into the SIM slot. If the LDI turned red, pink or purple instead of white, then it’s tripped. It’s clear your phone is suffering from liquid damage.

Step 4: Turn your phone off and charge

After making sure your phone doesn’t have liquid damage, turn it off and connect it to its charger. If there’s no problem with the firmware and the hardware, your phone will charge when everything is powered off. The usual charging icon may show on the screen and the LED indicator will be lit up.

Step 5: Bring your phone to the service center

After doing all these steps and your phone still refuses to charge, it’s time to bring it to the shop and let the tech run some tests. Do the same if the device heats up when connected to the charger or if there’s a sign of liquid damage. It’s dangerous to troubleshoot a phone with liquid damage, you just don’t know what happens next.

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