Samsung Galaxy S6 Most Common Problems, Errors, Glitches & How To Fix Them [Part 2]

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Shortly after the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge was released, we started receiving emails from our readers reporting various issues with their phones. After a week, we already have hundreds of S6-related emails in our inbox, so we started our research, talked with some of our readers who had more serious problems.

Last week, I published the first part of this series where I addressed 11 most common issues reported by our readers. If you have problems with your S6, I suggest you visit the first part and browse through this page to see if your concern is among the ones I addressed. You may also email us at [email protected] and include necessary details about the problem or post them on our Facebook wall and/or Google+ page.

For our readers who may still be learning the features and have some questions on how to do stuff, visit the S6 troubleshooting page as we listed all tutorials, how tos and guides we published so far.

The following are the issues addressed in this post. Click on a link to jump to a specific problem.

  1. Galaxy S6 Showing Camera Failed Error
  2. Can’t Send Picture Messages on Galaxy S6
  3. Galaxy S6 Became Sluggish After Installing A Bunch Of Apps
  4. Galaxy S6 Dropping Calls
  5. Samsung Account Sync Error On Galaxy S6
  6. Galaxy S6 (Vodafone) Can’t Get Network Coverage After Unlocking
  7. Galaxy S6 Has Poor Network Connection
  8. Galaxy S6 Can’t Maintain Good Connection With Car Bluetooth
  9. Stop Galaxy S6 From Deleting Emails From Server
  10. Galaxy S6 Issues With Fingerprint Scanner & Apps

Galaxy S6 Showing Camera Failed Error

Problem: Hi guys! It’s been more than a week now since I got my Galaxy S6. I was so busy I didn’t have time to enjoy the features of my new phone so I haven’t checked it thoroughly. Yesterday, I tried using the camera and I was greeted by the “Camera failed” error. I rebooted my phone and open the camera again and it worked…for a few minutes, then the error came up again. Rebooted it once again to no avail. Up until now, I’m still getting the error message. What should I do? — Lyrma

Troubleshooting: Hello Lyrma. It’s a possible hardware issue, so there’s nothing much to do except hard reset to see if the problem would occur after that. Just follow these steps:

Full Hard Reset

  1. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
  2. Press and hold the Volume Up, Home and Power keys together.
  3. When the device powers on and displays ‘Power on logo’, release all keys and the Android icon will appear on the screen.
  4. Wait until the Android Recovery Screen appears after about 30 seconds.
  5. Using the Volume Down key, highlight the option, ‘wipe data/factory reset’ and press the Power key to select it.
  6. Press the Vol Down button again until the option ‘Yes — delete all user data’ is highlighted and then press the Power key to select it.
  7. After the reset is complete, highlight ‘Reboot system now’ and hit the Power key to restart the phone.

After the reset, try to open the camera again and if the same error message comes up of if the camera failed to function they it should, contact your provider and have the device replaced immediately. It’s a hardware issue and there’s no point in troubleshooting a week old phone.

Can’t Send Picture Messages on Galaxy S6

Problem: Hi guys! I’ve been enjoying your blogs. Thanks for this free support. My problem is with my Galaxy S6, which I bought about four days ago. I purchased the phone online and I already called my provider to have the device working. Everything was successful and now I can make calls, send texts, use WiFi, etc. Today, however, I tried to send a picture to my sister as an attachment of a text message. I used to do this with my old Android so I’m surprised why I can’t do it on my S6. Can you help? Thanks. — Jessa

Related Problem: I just found your page and am wondering if you can help. I have the Galaxy S6 32 gb on the Sprint network. It won’t connect to the mobile network. I can’t load social media, update emails, etc when I don’t have WiFi? Any ideas why? I’m thinking of contacting sprint to see if it needs to be reset or something like that. Thanks. — Alyssa

Troubleshooting: I understand you already called your provider and have the phone provisioned so it will have service. However, it seems like the representative forgot to setup the APN on it. The APN is a set of parameters that needs to be entered in your phone so it can connect to your providers mobile data network. Picture messages or MMS need mobile data to be sent and received. The best thing to do is call your provider, ask the rep for the correct APN for your phone and have him/her walk you through setting it up. Once finished, make sure mobile data is enabled before you send picture messages.

Galaxy S6 Became Sluggish After Installing A Bunch Of Apps

Problem: Okay, so I just upgraded from my 4-year old Android phone, which is a mid-range LG. My new phone is a Galaxy S6, as recommended by my provider because it’s fast, they said. True enough, the phone was really fast. So, I downloaded a bunch of apps that I used with my old phone and the phone became sluggish after that. Here I am thinking that my old phone is better than the new S6 because even though it was generally slow with its low specifications, it didn’t have problems running the apps I just installed. I don’t know what the problem is as I’m not really a tech guy, you know. I need your input on this, please. — Robert D.

Troubleshooting: Hey, Robert! I don’t know what apps you installed in your new phone but it seems like there could be one that is not compatible with the firmware. If your old phone is 4 years old, then it must be running Gingerbread or Jelly Bean and there could be apps that aren’t compatible with Lollipop…yet.

Performance-wise, the Galaxy S6 can run any app you throw at it given that there are no conflicts in the system. However light an app is as long as it has conflicts with the system, the phone will become sluggish, unresponsive or worse, keeps rebooting.

I am sure that if you boot the phone in safe mode, it will regain its performance. The point is, you need to find the app that’s causing the problem and uninstall it, or you may contact the developer and report the issue so that it will be rectified. But I am sorry to say that there’s nothing much we can do when it comes to compatibility issue between an app and Android. We have no control over that.

Galaxy S6 Dropping Calls

Problem: I am having problems with multiple dropped calls. On one call in a span of 30 minutes it disconnected me 5 times and twice I could hear the person I called but they couldn’t hear me and I had to disconnect. The person I called changed from cellphone to land line, no difference. Yesterday between 2 calls I had at least 10-12 dropped calls and gave up. I never had this issue with my Motorola so it’s not a service/connectivity issue with my carrier. I am dropping calls with other Samsung users and people I never lost before. Any suggestions? — Debbie

Suggestion: Hi Debbie! If the phone drops every call you make or receive, then it’s not a network problem but the phone. However, if the calls are dropped if the call is made or came from a specific number, then it could be a network problem but not on your side.

Based on your description, though, it seems the problem is really with your phone and it’s not about incorrect settings or messed up parameters. The fact that there were instances that calls are still connected but the people on the other end can’t hear is evident it’s a hardware issue. That said, I suggest you send the phone in for check by your provider’s technician. I hope it’s still under replacement period so that it will be replaced with a brand new unit and not refurbished should the technician find it defective.

Samsung Account Sync Error On Galaxy S6

Problem: Hello, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 recently and having a continuous issue with a sync error when trying to sync my Samsung account! Have any idea why this is happening? Please help! Thank you!

Troubleshooting: It’s actually difficult for us to figure out what the problem with your phone is because we don’t know it’s setup. But the most basic part here is to make sure you have an active internet connection regardless whether you are connected to a WiFi network or via mobile data network. Syncing with any online accounts needs active internet connection, so check on that first.

Supposing you have a good connection, try to remove your Samsung account first and then set it up again. There have been a lot of users reporting this kind of issue and that procedure works for many of them. For those who still had issues after doing that, they resorted to factory reset, which eventually fixed the problem. This is your last resort and don’t forget to backup your data before doing so.

Galaxy S6 (Vodafone) Can’t Get Network Coverage After Unlocking

Problem: Hi there just wanted to ask u that I bought the phone 2days ago it was working just on Vodafone so I went to a phone shop and requested a unlocking code after we put the code in it was successful, my problem now is I can’t use any SIM card in it the reception bars are showing 2-3 bars but the screen says emergency calls only please help me thanks a lot.

Suggestion: Of course, the first thing I want you to check is the mounting of the SIM card. Just make sure it is properly mounted so that it’s connectors touch the phone’s receptors.

Secondly, your carrier can properly unlock your phone to be used in other network but most often, they charge more than the local shops. But the thing is, they know what they do and if the unlocking failed, at least, they have access to their network tools that would correct whatever it is that needs to be corrected network-wise. I understand the unlocking showed it was successful, but was it really successful?

With that, I want you to call your provider and seek help from them. It’s difficult for us here to provide any sort of troubleshooting procedures because don’t know for sure where the problem is and whether or not the phone was successfully unlocked.

Galaxy S6 Has Poor Network Connection

Problem: Dear droid guy, I bought Samsung S6 last 2 weeks ago. For the 1st 3 days I’ve used mobile it becomes easily overheated. I returned to the store where I bought and they sent to Samsung for repair. 3 days after I took the unit and the report shows no defect.

I continue using the device and I noticed that my mobile network is becoming slow and poor connection. I thought the problem is in the network but I tried to use transfer SIM card with other device and the network connection works fine.

Can you help me fix this issues before I will return again for the second time for repair? Thank you! Regards,


Troubleshooting: First of all, Jam, we do appreciate you contacting us about your problem. You said that for the first 3 days of use, the phone was already overheating while using mobile data then you sent it for repair and your service provider or retailer didn’t offer to replace it with a new device? More often, there is a 15-day grace period for defective devices to be replaced. That’s why it’s necessary that the first week of use you need to be very observant how the phone behaves so that if it shows any signs serious problem, you can have it replaced with a brand new unit.

However, since the report showed the phone has no defect, I believe the device is not really overheating but just heats up more than it does when connected to a WiFi network, which is normal.

Now, about the issue on “mobile network becoming slow and poor,” I just really want to know how poor and slow your connection is. You need to do some speed tests to know if your service provider is really providing the throughput you signed up for. Once there’s a great discrepancy in your connection speed, report it to your service provider and bring the phone with you so the technician can check on it.

The phone is new, there’s nothing we can do about the hardware. However, I urge you to check the network mode in your phone to make sure it’s getting the signal it’s supposed to receive.

Galaxy S6 Can’t Maintain Good Connection With Car Bluetooth

Problem: Good morning. I am having difficulties with the Bluetooth connection between my new Samsung S6 and my vehicle. My Samsung recognizes the Bluetooth connection as does my 2014 BMW and I am able to use the Bluetooth in my car but only intermittently. I did not have this problem with my Samsung S3 in the same vehicle. Initially, I had to reset the connection on both the phone and the car every morning. This morning was the first time I did not have to do so. I am not certain if this is the case but the difference seems to be that I downloaded the Bluetooth app called “Bluetooth connect and play”. I have read other commentaries indicating that people are having similar problems with the new Samsung S6 and that this is occurring regardless of the vehicle in question. However, during my conversations today the Bluetooth connection continued to function only intermittently. What is the fix? Part of the purpose of having a mobile phone with Bluetooth connectivity is being able to talk hands-free in the car. I would very much appreciate your help. Thanks. — Elizabeth

Troubleshooting: You are right. Many have actually encountered Bluetooth-related issues with their new Galaxy S6. However, Samsung didn’t acknowledge its new flagship has a problem with BT connectivity, so, we can never expect it to be fixed any time soon.

There is one procedure that worked well with others and that’s clearing the cache and data of the Bluetooth service through the Application Manager. Please follow these steps:

  1. From the Home screen, tap Apps.
  2. Touch Settings to open it.
  3. Scroll to Device section and then tap Applications.
  4. Tap Application manager.
  5. Swipe left or right to display contents of the All tab.
  6. Scroll to and tap Bluetooth.
  7. Tap Force Stop, then Clear Cache.
  8. Now tap Clear Data, then OK.
  9. Reboot the phone.
  10. Once the device is up and ready, pair your phone with your car.

I hope this helps.

Stop Galaxy S6 From Deleting Emails From Server

Problem: Hello kind droid guy!

I have two issues with my new device, the Samsung Galaxy S6 on Verizon:

  1. When I delete emails from my S6, they get deleted from my Comcast server. How can I stop this?
  2. When I open emails, the content is not there. Sometimes it uploads…much much later. How can I make the emails show up when I open them as they arrive?

I have tried data by just Verizon (4G) and boost data upload WIFI plus 4G. Thank you! — Maureen

Related Problem: Hi Droid Guy! Help! I purchased the new Samsung Galaxy S6 last month and have had problems with it dropping emails on inbox after two weeks. What is scary is I manage six emails for my business, so this is devastating. I have my accounts through Go Daddy as that is my domain as well. They have restored all my emails last month which was a pain and over 500 emails to go through again and while I thought the problem was fixed, yesterday I noticed all my email on all accounts only go to April 13.

When I set up my emails, I accidentally did it under the Gmail app. But since I was able to see inbox, sent, etc., I thought it was ok. I really don’t want to have to set them all up again, but I must fix this problem because it’s also deleting my emails on their server so I have had to redo this on my laptop as well. Can you help?! Thanks. — Kelly

Troubleshooting: Hi Maureen! To stop your Galaxy S6 from deleting emails from the server, edit the email configuration and make sure the option that says “Delete email from server” is set to “Never.” About the problem, just make sure your phone has an active internet connection all the (regardless whether it’s mobile data or WiFi) and sync is turned on. You may also set the sync schedule in your email configuration to a lower frequency so the phone will download emails from the server sooner.

Galaxy S6 Issues With Fingerprint Scanner & Apps

Problem: Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and the problem is this: when I get the SGS6 I locked my phone with the fingerprint scanner but this don’t work well, and the most of the times isn’t works. And most apps close sometimes. Can you help me? Thanks.

Troubleshooting: First of all, the Samsung Galaxy S6’s fingerprint scanner isn’t perfect. In fact, there’s a lot of room for improvement and we’re certain Samsung is working on ways how to improve the feature as it is eminent that biometrics will be used to conduct personal transactions in the future.

That said, you need to touch the Home button properly so the scanner can recognize the print from your finger tips. I think the problem here is with the way you place your finger on the scanner because it definitely works but not every time you unlock your phone.

Now about the apps that close “sometimes,” I’m sorry we can’t just provide a more specific troubleshooting for you because your issue is vague, really! For example, how often is “sometimes?” Does the closing of the apps has some kind of a pattern? What are the apps that close automatically? Are they pre-installed or the ones you downloaded from the Play Store?

If, however, there’s a specific app that keeps in closing, try clearing its cache and data. Such procedure often works for any app-related issues.

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