Samsung Galaxy S21 IMEI Number: Where & how to find it?

How to find IMEI number on Samsung Galaxy S21

An IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a unique identifier assigned to every mobile device. Some devices have a 15-digit IMEI number while others are made up of a 16-digit code. Regardless of the length, these unique numbers are primarily designed to help determine whether or not a device is legit or authentic.

This short article will walk you through the process of accessing the IMEI number on Samsung Galaxy S21. Read on to learn more.

There are various ways for you to access the IMEI number on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone. You can access it through the Settings menu or dial a special code through the Phone application/dialer. 


Actual user interface, screens and menu options may vary between device models, operating systems and carriers. 

A. Viewing IMEI number through Settings

Most, if not, all system features and services on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone are accessible through the settings menu. And that includes key details of the phone including the IMEI number. 

To find the IMEI number on your Samsung Galaxy S21 through the settings menu, just follow these steps:

Step 1: To begin, open the Settings app menu by tapping on the gear icon from the Home screen or Apps tray of your phone. 

Alternatively, you can launch the Settings app shortcut (gear) icon from the quick settings or notification panel.

Step 2: In the Settings menu, scroll down and then tap About phone. 

Doing so opens the About phone menu, which contains more important information about the device.

Step 3: Find Status information from the given options and then tap on it to proceed.

Another menu opens with the phone’s status information.

Step 4: Locate IMEI information and then tap on it to view more details. 

On the succeeding window, you will see all available IMEI numbers for every slot. 

Step 5: Take note of the IMEI number for your reference.

The Galaxy S21 has two IMEI numbers. One is for the primary SIM card slot and the other is for the secondary SIM card slot.  

That said, you should see an IMEI number for slot 1 and another for slot 2.

B. Viewing IMEI number via Phone dialer

As mentioned earlier, the IMEI number can also be accessed through the built-in Samsung Phone application. You can use this as an alternative method if for some reason you’re unable to access the settings menu of your device.

To check the IMEI number on your Samsung Galaxy S21, follow these simple steps:

Step 1:  First, launch the Phone app on your device. 

Simply find the Phone icon from the Home screen or Apps tray and then tap on it to launch the app.

Step 2: While in the Phone app’s dialer screen, dial *#06# on the keypad. 

Just type in the given code in the onscreen keypad and wait for the IMEI number to appear on the screen.

In some Samsung Galaxy S variants, the IMEI number can also be found on the back of your device or on the box it came in. That said, you can check on these areas should you wish to find the IMEI number faster.

Importance of knowing your phone’s IMEI number

Knowing the IMEI number on your device can help you determine whether or not it’s tagged among other IMEI blacklisted smartphones.

IMEI blacklisting is a process used by carriers to prevent stolen devices from being used on their networks. If a device is reported stolen, the carrier will blacklist the IMEI number, making it impossible to use the device on their network. 

You can check if your phone’s IMEI is blacklisted through various online services or by contacting your mobile network provider.

Aside from IMEI blacklisting verification, you can also use the IMEI number to check the warranty status of your phone. And for lost or stolen devices, you can use the IMEI to track the device’s current location.

How to verify the authenticity of your Galaxy S21 IMEI number?

To verify if your phone’s IMEI number is authentic, you can visit the official Samsung support website/page where you can enter the IMEI number of your phone and check if it is valid.

Alternatively, you can check the authenticity of your phone’s IMEI number with your mobile network provider/carrier. Just give them a call and ask them to help you verify if the IMEI number on your device is authentic.

Mobile network providers often have access to a central database that lists all valid IMEI numbers.

You can also make use of an online IMEI checker. There are plenty of online services that let you check the validity of an IMEI number of your device. These services typically require you to enter the IMEI number and then provide you with information about the device, including its model, manufacturer, and whether the IMEI number is valid or not.

And that’s all there is to finding and verifying the IMEI number on the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone.

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