Samsung Galaxy S2 SMS Pictures Won’t Download

“My Samsung Galaxy S2 has trouble downloading pictures sent through SMS. Is there a way to fix this issue?” This was the message that was sent to us at The Droid Guy Mailbag.

Based on the Android Central forum, here are several ways to fix the problem wherein the Galaxy S2 SMS pictures won’t download:

1. Make Sure that Cellular Data is On

Before doing anything else, check if your cellular data is turned On. Basically, SMS only uses mobile data, so if it is not activated, you will likely have trouble retrieving images.

2. Turn Off the Auto Retrieve Function of Multimedia Messages (MMS)

On the messaging app, click Settings. Then, go to MMS. From there, see to it that Auto Retrieve is disabled. Next time you receive a picture through SMS, all you have to do is tap Download, and you should be able to save it in your device. Many users said that this solution worked for them.

3. Update Data Profile and Preferred Roaming List (PRL)

According to the support page of Sprint, you can do this by getting into Settings. Proceed to System Updates. The next screen should lead you choices that will let you update your profile and PRL.

4. Reset Access Point Names (APN)

Go to Settings. Following this, go to Mobile Network Settings. Tap Access Point Names or APNs. Hit the Menu button and Reset to Default. Several users also confirmed that this fixed their problem.

5. Restart Phone

After applying any of the solutions above, always restart your phone if the configurations do not apply right away.

6. Request the Sender to Transfer Photos One at a Time

Some users said that the problem only occurs when they are receiving multiple SMS with pictures. However, this does not happen when pictures are being sent one at a time. Hence, if you can ask the sender to send only one picture per text message, do so.

7. Observe Phone in Safe Mode

Reboot your phone in Safe Mode and observe if the trouble is still there. If the problem does not occur while in that mode, there must be a third-party app interfering with the normal functions of your device. Try to locate it and uninstall it from your unit. However, if the problem is still there, there is a possibility that a hardware or firmware issue is causing it.

8. Do a Factory Reset

Back up your device. Then, do a Factory Reset from Recovery Mode If you cannot locate the source of the issue and all the solutions mentioned here failed to solve your problem.

9. Wipe Cache Partition

You can wipe the cache partition as well if Factory Reset does not cut it. This can be found in Recovery Mode too.

10.  Root and Flash Your Firmware

If you suspect that a recent Android update is causing the problem, there are three ways to solve it. One is by waiting for another update that contains a fix, bring your phone to a trusted Android technician, or root, flash and install a custom ROM to your phone all by yourself.

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Sources: Android Central, Sprint


  1. To be honest, all phones have this issue. Sometimes it just doesn’t load MMS that well. The way I’ve seen it fix is that it has worked itself out, I go into Airplane mode and back out of Airplane mode, or you just reboot your device.

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