What to do when your Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2019 is not charging (easy steps)

The Galaxy A8+ (2018) is yet another mid-range phone from Samsung that integrates of the key features of the flagship S series, particularly the Galaxy S8. Launched just before the CES event this year, this 5.6-inch Samsung phone is powered by an octa-core Exynos chipset that comes with solid specs and a 3,000mAh battery. Good enough to last longer and thus allows you to maximize usage. All  these along with other key features and cheaper cost (than other flagship devices) makes it a good buy. Overall, it’s a powerful device but doesn’t mean that it’s totally free from future flaws.

Tackled in this post is one of the first common problems that may occur to this new Samsung Galaxy smartphone and that’s with charging. Learn what to do if ever at some point you just realized that your new phone won’t charge. Feel free to refer to some helpful charging tips and workarounds whenever

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Common factors that can cause your Galaxy A8+ 2018 to not charge

Charging problems in new devices are likely due to a defective hardware, most likely a faulty charging equipment or bad battery itself. This may not be the problem in your case given that what you have is a new device, it happens and can likewise happen.

While you always have the option to avail for repair or replacement warranty, it’s still worth a shot to troubleshoot the problem first. Aside from a faulty charger or battery, there are also some other factors that may prevent a new phone from charging properly. If you’ve already used your phone and it was able to charge before, then most probably it’s associated with software issues. And this is when troubleshooting is necessary. Should you wish to try, then feel free to refer to the standard troubleshooting procedures I’ve lined up below.

Charging tips to consider

  • Be sure to use the original (OEM) charger. Using any other device’s charger is highly discouraged as it may lead to charging and battery issues later on. Third-party chargers may not have the same power output as that of the original Samsung chargers so you may be able to use it flawlessly at first but eventually it could ruin the phone’s charging system.
  • Use power outlets or wall sockets. Charging your phone through a USB connection from a computer may not provide enough power for your device to charge properly. This however can be considered an option if you don’t have access to the factory travel charger when you ran out battery and that all you’ve got is a computer and a USB connector. But then again, it could take longer (more hours) for the phone to completely charge up.

What to do next if Galaxy A8+ 2018 still charges slowly

Here are a few of your next options if you still couldn’t get your phone to charge even after applying all the prior charging tips.

  • Check for signs of damage. Make sure that the charger, USB cable or phone itself have no visible signs of physical or liquid damage. The charger must likewise be firmly connected to the phone’s charging port. If you see any traces of damage, then you could skip troubleshooting and promptly opt for service instead.
  • Force your phone to reboot. Power cycling the device may fix the problem if it only occurs suddenly. Perhaps a minor software glitch is causing the charging system to become erratic at the moment. Should this be the issue, it will likely be resolved by a forced restart. To force your Galaxy A8+ 2018 to restart, press and hold the Power and Volume Down keys for about 20 to 30 seconds or until the device power cycles.
  • Allow your phone to charge longer. For charging issues that are attributed to rogue apps, it’s possible that the charging system got corrupted and therefore it requires more time to process charging request. This is one of the reasons why it sometimes take longer for the battery charging indicator to show up even when your phone is already plugged into the charging port for a while. To rule this out from the possible causes, try to connect and charge your phone using the factory travel charger for at least an hour.

If you can get your phone to charge even up to 50 percent, try to troubleshoot your apps. You can boot your device into safe mode and then try remove any third-party apps you suspect is causing trouble. This is must-do if the problem suddenly occurs after downloading or installing new apps or contents on your device. Aside from diagnosing apps in safe mode, you may also resort to a wipe cache partition or factory reset. A full system reset might be necessary especially if a complex software error or system bug is preventing your device from charging properly. But then again, this is only possible if you’ve managed to charge your phone again. Installing the latest software update available for your device is also recommended. New firmware updates are designed to keep the device system optimized and stable. In addition, updates also contain bug fixes that may be needed if a bug is afflicting the charging system on your device. The Galaxy A8+ 2018 is launched with Android 7.1.1 platform. This means that it’s updatable to Android 8.0 Oreo. To check if an update is available, go to Apps-> Settings-> About device. You will see an update notification if there’s a software update for your phone.

Other options

If your Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 still won’t charge, then at this point, you may consider using an alternate charger to determine whether or not the problem is caused by a faulty charging equipment. Otherwise, your next option would be setting up for service appointment. You may contact your carrier for other options or Samsung Support for further assistance and recommendations. Again, this is where you may opt to avail for warranties.

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