Samsung finishes re-designing the Galaxy Fold, and here’s how they did it

Samsung has finished its Galaxy Fold redesign, according to a report from Bloomberg. For the most part, it’s the same phone as ever; however, the Korean tech giant has re-designed a couple different components on the foldable handset.

First, the protective layer has been tucked into the bezel itself so it’s virtually impossible to peel it off, ruining the screen. That’s the major problem reviewers experienced — peeling that layer off, thinking it was just packaging.

Samsung has also re-designed the hinge in an effort to hopefully reduce or eliminate the crease that happens when the Galaxy Fold is in the tablet mode.

We’re not sure yet on when Samsung will launch the Galaxy Fold. We saw reports of a late September release, but could potentially be even sooner, since major components are being shipped to Vietnam for final assembly.

However, we don’t know that Samsung has instilled consumer trust in the Galaxy Fold at all, so this might be more of an innovation experiment than a consumer-loved flagship.

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