President Trump says “yes” to Huawei, but US Commerce Department misses the memo

President Trump the other day announced that US companies would be allowed to do business with Huawei; however, days later, it seems that the US Department of Commerce isn’t falling in line.

An internal email obtained by Reuters indicates that the Chinese smartphone giant is still being treated as if it was on the US Entity List. “This party is on the Entity List. Evaluate the associated license review policy under part 744,” a portion of the email Reuters obtained said.

Government entities are always slow moving, but they’re operating as if they haven’t received the updated guidelines based around president Trump’s announcement.

Huawei hasn’t seen progress on their side either. For now, the company has said that they “don’t see much impact on what we are currently doing” after Trump’s conference.

It’s also worth reiterating that much of the damage has already been done. While updated guidelines following Trump’s comments will certainly be some relief, Huawei’s financial numbers already see revenue estimates cut by $30 billion for the year.

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