Samsung CEO admits Galaxy Fold was rushed

Samsung has had all sorts of problems with its new foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold. Those have pretty much all been fixed, and the phone is set to launch soon; however, in a move of transparency, Samsung CEO DJ Koh is admitting that its prior problems are pretty much his fault.

“It was embarrassing. I pushed it through before it was ready,” DJ Koh told The Independent. “I do admit I missed something on the foldable phone, but we are in the process of recovery,” he continued. “At the moment, more than 2,000 devices are being tested right now in all aspects. We defined all the issues. Some issues we didn’t even think about, but thanks to our reviewers, mass volume testing is ongoing.”

The Korean tech giant has said that the phone is essentially ready to hit the market, but is still going through some testing. That said, it shouldn’t be long before we see the $2000 foldable phone on store shelves.

Right now, Samsung is looking at an end of September launch, around the time the Galaxy Note 10 is expected.

source: The Independent

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