How to replace the straps on Galaxy Watch Active

One of the advantages of owning a Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is its easy customization options. For one, you can pick another set of original Samsung straps or buy third party bands of your taste. With this, you can virtually turn your smartwatch into something new every day if you want. If you intend on getting a third party strap, make sure to buy the correct size which is 20mm.

How to replace the straps on Galaxy Watch Active

The steps to replace the original straps on your Galaxy Watch Active is easy. All you have to do is to get a new replacement and follow the steps below next:

  1. Position your Galaxy Watch Active upside down.
  2. Find the band’s spring bar. A small metal tip should be visible.
  3. Slide the band’s spring bar inwards.
  4. Pull the band away from the Galaxy Watch Active’s body
  5. Insert one end of the replacement band’s spring bar into the Galaxy Watch Active’s lug.
  6. Slide the spring bar inwards and connect the band.

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