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One of the annoying issues that you can encounter with your PS5 is the WS-116439-4 error code. This error code is accompanied by the following message: “Unable to connect to the server.This service may be undergoing maintenance. Check the server status for failure and maintenance information.”

In this troubleshooting article, we’ll explain to you what this error means and what you can do to fix it.

What does error code WS-116439-4 mean?

WS-116439-4 is a PS5 connectivity error and typically indicates that the console is unable to connect to the server when trying to update, browsing the PlayStation Store or in PlayStation Now, or joining a multiplayer game.

The error may also pop up sometimes when a play is already in the middle of an online game and the server suddenly cuts out.

Causes of PS5 error WS-116439-4

There are several reasons why you may be getting the PS5 error code WS-116439-4. Each console with this error code may have a different reason so you’ll need to do a set of troubleshooting steps to narrow down the cause of your own PS5 error.

Server issues.

Online gaming services rely on remote servers to work. Sometimes, these servers don’t work as expected due to two major factors — maintenance and outage.

Like any computer system, servers require regular maintenance and sometimes, this means taking them offline for a brief period. When you’re in the middle of downloading an update, game, or app and the server cuts out, you may get the PS5 error code WS-116439-4.

The more frustrating scenario though is an unexpected downtime or outage. A server problem due to an outage may vary and so its estimated time of resolution may depend on the situation as well. Most of the time, outages are addressed fast enough but in more serious cases, problems may exists for days.

You can check for server status anytime as shown below.

Unresponsive router.

Another reason for PS5 error code WS-116439-4 can be your network equipment, particularly the router. If left running for an extended period, a router may become unresponsive and cause a network issue. You can either restart your router to refresh it, or do additional checks on its network settings to see if there’s anything that you can change to improve the situation.

Slow home internet connection or network congestion.

If your internet connection is slow, or when there are too many devices are using the network at the same time, a low-bandwidth situation can occur. Low bandwidth means that your network can become too slow as it tries to manage a huge amount of data due to multiple devices using the connection at the same time.

You can check if that’s the cause of your PS5 error code WS-116439-4 by disconnecting other devices from your wifi or router.

Wifi signal interference.

If you use wifi on your PS5 gaming console, you want to ensure that the problem is not being caused by weak wifi signal. It’s also possible that your wifi signal at home is affected by interference from other wireless devices.

System software glitch.

A few users may experience PS5 WS-116439-4 error due to a unique software glitch on their system. This can be minimized from happening by making sure that the console is regularly updated. 

Minor random software bugs may also be fixed by rebooting the gaming console.


How to fix PS5 WS-116439-4 error?

Below are the solutions that you can try if you keep on getting the PS5 WS-116439-4 error code. Before proceeding, make sure that you install the latest system software update.

Fix #1: Check for server status.

This should be the very first thing that you should do. You don’t want to waste your time troubleshooting your PS5 or your network when the main culprit why your gaming console is unable to connect is the Sony PlayStation servers.

Visit the official PSN status page here:

You should get indications from this page if there’s an on-going interruption in any of the PSN services.

Server issues are promptly addressed by Sony so all you have to do is to wait until the issue has been resolved.

If there’s any positive server failure or maintenance going on, simply try to do whatever you’re doing later on.

Fix #2: Power cycle the router.

If your PlayStation 5 is unable to connect to the server but there’s no known server issues at all, the next good thing that you can do is to refresh your router. To do that, you want to turn the router off normally, then unplug it from the power source for 30 seconds. This should allow the router to clear its temporary memory and hopefully fix whatever network bug that causes the PS5 error code WS-116439-4.

Fix #3: Run speedtest on your PS5.

Performing a speed test on your PS5 should help you tell if you have a slow connection problem. If your PS5 is affected by network congestion, the speedtest result may show very slow download and upload speeds.

To do a speedtest, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Network.
  3. Go to Connection Status.
  4. Select Test Internet Connection.

After the test, take note of your download and upload speeds to see if they are within range of your internet speed plan. If the results are way too slow, continue with the rest of the troubleshooting steps below.

Fix #4: Slow connection issue.

If you think that you have network congestion at home or if your network download speed is slow, the next thing that you want to do is to disconnect other devices from your network. Then, run another speedtest and see if the download and upload speeds are improved.

If your PS5 starts working normally after disconnecting other devices from your network and your console starts to connect to the server fine, you may want to find a way to limit the number of devices that use your connection when you’re playing on your PS5.

router 1

Fix #5: Move the PS5 closer to the router.

If you mainly use wifi on your PS5, try to see if you can fix PS5 WS-116439-4 error code by placing the console closer to the router. Keep in mind that wifi works best when your device is placed within its 30-foot radius. If you can place it closer than that, then that’s even better.

Fix #6: Check for signal interference.

WS-116439-4 error code may be caused by intermittent connection issue, or when your wifi keeps cutting out because of signal interference. 

Learn what you can do if you think that you have any wifi issues with your PS5 by checking this article: 

How To Fix PS5 Slow Wifi Issue

Fix #7: Use wired connection.

If you are still being unable to connect to the internet, or if there’s still a server failure, another trick that might help you deal with PS5 error code WS-116439-4 is by connecting your console directly to the router with a LAN cable. This eliminates possible issue with wifi signal interference as well as ensure that you have a faster, more reliable connection to the server.


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