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Is your PS4 HDMI connection acting up and not working? In this troubleshooting guide, we’ll show you the solutions that you must do if your PS4 is experiencing no signal, black screen, or blank screen issue due to HDMI connection problem.

How to fix PS4 HDMI not working issue?

If you’re getting a “no signal,” no connection, or a blank screen issue when booting up your PS4, these are the solutions that you can try to fix the problem. 

Fix #1: Check the TV input.

Before doing any aggressive troubleshooting, it’s important that you check if you’ve selected the correct HDMI input or source in your TV. Many people may forget to switch the TV input sometimes.  Try to cycle through all the HDMI inputs and see if you simply have missed selecting the right one. 

Fix #2: Perform a quick check on the HDMI ports. 

Another important yet basic thing to do in this situation is by performing a quick visual check on the HDMI port on your PS4 and TV. If something is blocking the HDMI port, the cable may not be able to make a solid connection. Make sure to check if there’s dirt, lint, or foreign objects in the port that might cause a blockage.

You’ll need to use a flashlight to see clearly inside the port. If you think that there’s too much dust in the port, try using a can of compressed air or blower to remove it. You can get one from your local electronics store.

Avoid sticking something inside the port to prevent damage to the internal components. If you think that there’s something that you need to remove from inside the port, do so when your TV or PS4 is powered off and the power cable is unplugged from the outlet.

Fix #3: Use a different HDMI cable.

For some people, the main reason why they encounter No Signal or Black Screen issue is faulty HDMI cables. You can check if your HDMI is not working by using another one, preferably one that is being used by another device right now on the same TV. Switching HDMI cords can be an effective fix if you see visible damage to the HDMI cable, or if you think that the cord is defective. 

If you don’t have a spare HDMI cable, you can either buy one or borrow one from someone.

Fix #4: Perform a resolution reset via Safe Mode.

If you are still not getting any HDMI signal at this point, the next thing that you want to do to check if something is not working is by rebooting your PS4 to safe mode and changing its resolution. 

Just like Windows computers, your PS4 has a special diagnostics software environment called Safe Mode in order to fix certain scenarios. You can run the console to this mode and perform troubleshooting such as the following:

  • rebooting the PS4
  • changing the resolution
  • updating the software
  • factory reset
  • refreshing the database

In this particular situation, you want to see if selecting the Option 2 [Change Resolution] will help in fixing your problem.

Here’s how you’re going to do that:

  1. Power down the console by pressing and holding the Power button for about 3 seconds. The LED light on the console will blink before the PlayStation 4 shuts down.
  2. Then, press and hold the Power button in front again, this time, for about 7 seconds until you hear two beeps – the first beep should occur after you press the button and second after 7 seconds. 
  3. Release the Power button after the second beep.
  4. Connect the controller with the USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.
  5. Once you’re in Safe Mode, select the Option 2 [Change Resolution].
  6. Check for the problem.

Fix #5: Factory reset.

If you have the same issue after resetting the screen resolution, another possible solution that you can try is to factory reset the console. You only want to do this if you’re positive that there’s no issue with your TV or your HDMI cord.

In order to factory reset your console, you again need to reboot it to Safe Mode and then select Option 6 [Initialize PS4].

Fix #6: Check for Blinking Blue light.

Some folks may encounter a perplexing issue of getting a blinking blue light in front of the console when they plug in an HDMI cable to a TV or monitor. If this is what you’re experiencing right now, what you need to do is to force reboot your PS4 by pressing the Power button for at least 7 seconds. Then, once the console is off, you’ll have to unplug the power cable from the outlet to allow the device to clear its cache. Make sure to wait for at least 30 seconds after unplugging before you reconnect everything back.

Doing this step will refresh the system and clear the system cache.


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