How to Print Using Samsung Galaxy S3

“How do I print directly from my Samsung Galaxy S3?” This was a question sent to us through Mailbag.

To do this, simply follow the step-by-step instructions shown below:

1. Download and Install a Printer App

Download and install any printing app compatible with your device from Google Play. One example of an app that you can use is PrintHand. It is free to download, but its free version will only let you use its demo features. To be able to enjoy its full features, you must upgrade it to premium version.

2. Connect Your Samsung Galaxy S3 and Printer Wi-Fi

Make sure that you have connected both your Samsung device and printer to the same Wi-Fi network.

3. Launch the App

For the sake of illustrating how to print using Samsung Galaxy S3 directly, let us use PrintHand as the basis for this guide. Though it should be reminded that there are plenty of others you can use like the app from HP or apps specifically developed by the brand of your printer. So, once you installed it, launch the app.

4. Confirm Printer

Launching the app will allow your device to automatically find your printer. In the first screen that you see upon running the app, just press “Complete Setup”. The next screen will let you choose the printer that you want to use. Just tap your preferred printer.

5. Select Driver

In the “Driver Needed” message, tap “Select Manually”. This will enable you to enjoy the various options offered by your printer. Just select your printed brand and model in the list provided next.

However, if you are looking for a quick way to proceed, just tap “Use Generic”, which only uses black and white in printing.

6. Print Test Page

The app will then recommend you to print a test page. You may skip the process but it is advisable to undergo the process to check if there are any issues.

7. Complete the Setup

Tap Finish to complete the setup and to start using the app.

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