Samsung Galaxy Fold production runs into more problems

If you thought that the Galaxy Fold was finally on its way to final production, well, it looks like we all thought wrong. Thanks to a long-standing dispute between Japan and South Korea, production might be running into a few issues.

The issue actually goes back to reparations that South Korea is demanding a Japanese company pay. It goes all the way back to World War 2, where this company allegedly forced South Koreans into slave labor. Japan doesn’t like that idea at all, and as a consequence, has put a ban list in place on certain exports to South Korea.

One of those exports is flourine polyimide, which is used to make the screen protector that keeps the Galaxy Fold intact.

This might be an issue that is quickly resolved, though. It’s not like flourine polyimide is a Japanese-exclusive material, and can be found in regions elsewhere.

We’ll keep you updated.

source: Phone Arena

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