Huawei is looking to recover $1 billion in damages from Verizon

Huawei is going after Verizon in a patent dispute, where the Chinese-based smartphone manufacturer is looking to recover $1 billion in damages.

The dispute is for the unregulated use of around 230 patents, largely all network area related. And Huawei isn’t the only ‘victim’, as there are twenty other vendors that have allegedly been affected, mostly all large US-based tech companies, too.

We’re talking Verizon infringing on patents for major things like wire-line infrastructure, network equipment, IoT equipment, and plenty more.

Verizon and Huawei’s legal team has already met together in New York, but no results came out of that, and that could be largely due to the concerns of Huawei and US national security, after being placed on the US Entity List.

Verizon spokesman Richard Young actually had this to say:

“These issues are larger than just Verizon. Given the broader geopolitical context, any issue involving Huawei has implications for our entire industry and also raise national and international concerns.”

We’re not sure how this will play out, but will likely be in the legal system for some time, and may even depend on how the status of their blacklist goes over the next couple of months.

source: Reuters

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